Thulite: What is it and what is it good for?

Thulite is a new stone in my arsenal but what type of stone is it and what is it good for?

I’ve learned that Thulite, also known as Roseline Zoisite, is a mostly manganese type of zoisite. Manganese is what gives it that pretty pink color. It is mostly found in Norway but pockets have been found in New Zealand, Austrian Tyrol, North Carolina and Washington! Yes, in the US!

So what is it good for you ask? Well, in looking through the internet it seems that it is a Heart and 3rd Eye Chakra stone. Fire Mountain Gems website says that it is “known as a stone of expression and passion, giving people the confidence to speak and perform in front of others. A great choice for introverts, this stone can increase self-confidence and make us more outgoing.”

When I sit and hold this stone it gives me the feeling that it actually connects the Heart Chakra to the 3rd Eye Chakra through the Throat Chakra. What does that mean you ask? Well, this stone will help you to speak and see through your heart. This stone seems to calm your heart and body so that you can sense, using your 3rd eye, the heart of others so you can speak to them with a caring frame of mind. This stone would be really good for those who are care givers, in the medical field when working with patients, Reiki Masters who work with families of loved ones who are passing away or helping someone to pass away. I feel that it has a gentle confidence to help those stepping into a new job such as a grade school teacher or a teacher for special needs kids. It’s also a good stone for Psychics since they are essentially using the 3 chakras (along with the Crown Chakra) to give messages. I feel that it calms and relaxes the body enough to help us connect with our spirituality whether you believe in God or any other entity. It does not feel like a high energy stone in the sense that it gets us up and moving or gives us energy to get up and moving. It does help us to have confidence in a very calming sort of way.

One thing to always remember… Always Always go by how the stone makes you feel. If you pick up a stone and you don’t get what you’ve read on the internet then you go by how it makes YOU feel, not what others tell you how it should make you feel.

I have had some people pick up a Rose Quartz and it does absolutely nothing for them but then they pick up a piece of Pink Calcite and they love how it makes them feel. It’s all in how the energy of our bodies connect with the energy of the stone. Maybe that person’s energy has already had enough of the Rose Quartz energy but the Pink Calcite has a different frequency or vibration and it makes them feel good.

All in all, this is a good stone to have around if you need that calm confidence push. My husband bought me this for my birthday plus several smaller stones. I think I’ll have him make some pendants out of this and wear it! It’s quite beautiful.

Thank you for checking in and reading along.
Love and Light Always
Mama Owl ~ Carol

Fear… Turning it Positive

The Rabbit

A rabbit came to me the other day and has stuck with me until I would write about him.  I was leaving for work one morning and there he was… sitting under our hauling trailer.  I could feel the fear coming off of him and I instantly started talking to him telling him that he’s ok and that I wouldn’t hurt him.  He seemed to be frozen so I headed up to my car and left.  That night, when I got home, he was in the same exact spot!  LOL  Now I know he had to have moved but it was strange that he was in that same exact spot.  So… when an animal comes into our life like that, that isn’t a normal occurrence we have, well I have to stop and take notice.  What is Rabbit’s Energy trying to tell me.

The first thing that I noticed from this rabbit was the amount of fearful energy he was exuding.  It was coming off him in waves.  So I begin to wonder… am I exuding fear?  Am I afraid of something?  Well… to be honest… yes.  We’re all afraid of something.  Sometimes it’s a crippling fear.  Fear can be about so many different things and sometimes we may not even be aware of it because we’ve had a particular focus in our minds that we’ve just gotten used to it.  So let’s dig a little and see if we can figure out where this fear is coming from.

First of all, let’s pin point our obvious fears.  Some typical fears are of bugs, certain types of animals and certain types of activities like flying for instance.  Now let’s dig a little deeper.  Stop and listen to your mind for a minute.  Sit back and just listen to the thoughts running through your head.  This may take a little bit if you’re not used to paying attention to them.  Sometimes… we say very negative things about ourselves and we don’t even realize we’re doing it.  So let’s work on an example.  You’re at work and about to attend a meeting where you need to pitch an idea that will change procedures for your department as well as a couple of others.  This idea, for some, will instantly put up a red flag because they are afraid of speaking in large groups but let’s sit and think about that for a minute… what kind of thoughts run through your mind.  Do they resemble “No one is going to listen to you so I don’t even know why you’re trying.”  “Who are you to suggest such things?”  “You look terrible so no one will want to even look at you.”  “Why should I have to do this… my boss should be doing it.”  These are very harsh and make me cringe even writing them but it wasn’t too long ago that the thoughts running through my head said those very same things.  These types of thoughts don’t only create fears but they also create strong negative energy that sound us and make us physically ill.  Just look around you sometime and pay attention to people as you pass by.  Do they look sad and as if they are beaten up emotionally?  That’s probably because they have these thoughts constantly going through they heads.  Such a sad thing.  But!  We can change that!  Let’s find out how.

How to battle those negative voices in your head
The more and more we say these negative things to ourselves the more we fear things and situations.  So how do we turn that around?  By paying attention to our negative thoughts and turning them around to make them positive.  Let’s try this out with our examples above.  First example: “No one is going to listen to you so I don’t even know why you’re trying.”  Let’s change this to say… “Everyone will listen to me and like my ideas.”  And physically smile when you say it!  You may get resistance.  I know… sounds strange doesn’t it but we’ve conditioned our minds to think negatively so it will try to stay negative.  Just keep trying and eventually those negatives will turn into positives and I guarantee you it will affect you in ways you never could have imagined.  It turned my whole life around.  Let’s try another example.  “Who are you to suggest such things?”  Some people literally feel they have nothing positive to contribute because they feel they are nobodies.  That is so untrue!  We all have something to contribute in this world.  So… let’s turn that into a positive.  “I am an amazing person who has great ideas that people want to hear.”  Don’t forget to smile.  The more you say it, the more you lift your spirits.  Last example and this one, I believe, is most important.  “You look terrible so no one will want to even look at you.”  This one breaks my heart.  I struggled with this one for a long time and you would not believe how many other people feel this every day.  So let’s turn this one around!  This one requires you to stand in front of a mirror.  I know, it’s hard.  Some of you hate the mirror and barely even look in one but we’re going to do this.  Stand in front of a mirror and say these words out loud… “You are beautiful!”  “You are amazing!”  “You are intelligent!”  “Everyone loves you!”  “I Love You!”  Some of you may begin to cry.  I did.  I got teary eyed typing this out because I remember how hard this was for me.  If you don’t that’s ok too.  If you start crying and you can’t talk… then cry it out and start again.  You see, our society teaches us, and sometimes our families, that if we are not the perfect look then we are ugly and not worthy of anything in life.  This is where our fears stem from.  We need to change that and once we do we will begin to feel worthy and have positive thoughts and then send positive energy out into the world.  That’s what changes the world our own positive energy.  The more we put out there the more everyone feels.

It’s funny how one little rabbit brought all this out.  I had no idea where he would take me writing this today and now that I look back at this post I can’t help but love it.  Thank you Rabbit for making me sit down and send this message out to the world.

Love and Light to you Always!
Carol ~ Mama Owl

Walk your own path… go at your own pace.


The Badger came to me during one of my daily meditations recently and while they can be very cute animals they are also nothing to mess around with. The Badger is a ferocious creature and can do great harm if you are not careful. Knowing this, we must treat Badger with the utmost respect so that he does not turn on us. With that said… let’s look into what Badger wants us to know.

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High Priestess of Earth

High Priestess of Earth - 3Today’s Spirit Message comes from the Wisdom of the House of Night oracle cards.

High Priestess of Earth
When you choose the symbol of the Vampyre High Priestess of Earth, she is nudging you to take care of your health and your beautiful body.
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“Your true strength comes not from self-reliance alone, but from a sincere faith in a higher power.”

Today’s Spirit Message comes from The Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

The strength to accomplish even the most daunting tasks is yours at this time. You Continue reading “Strength”

Chakra Flame


Chakra Flame

So I’m having a heck of a time clearing my mind enough to write about healing and balancing the Sacral Chakra. Hmmm… that must mean something. So I’ve decided to just start typing and see what we come up with. Here goes nothing… or everything!
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Let Love In


As I sat and meditated, for the first time in two months, this morning I really felt the energy flow throughout my body. I focused on each chakra as Mother Earth’s energy and the Universal Life Force intertwined through me. The chakra that drew my attention the most was the Sacral so I decided to write about it today.
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Prepare to Fly


Today’s message comes to us from the Pterodactyl. Yes… I said Pterodactyl. The prehistoric bird. I know what you’re thinking… “Really? You got a message from a prehistoric bird? Seriously.” I’m sitting here laughing and questioning the same thing. I even searched out large birds but no… it insisted that I was seeing a pterodactyl. It even screeched at me so I’m like… “Ok… you’re a pterodactyl. I’m sorry.” Hands up in the air. Ok… so let’s explore this interesting bird shall we?
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Light through the shadows

Zebra Spider
Today, Spider jumps into our lives.

She represents the female aspect in our lives among many other things.  I tried to pick a “not so threatening” picture of a spider because many have quite a fear of them.  I am one of those people.  Although the little tiny jumper spiders are really cute and they don’t bother me at all.  So, I’m sorry if looking at that picture makes you uneasy but it is a message we all need to hear.

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