Let Love In


As I sat and meditated, for the first time in two months, this morning I really felt the energy flow throughout my body. I focused on each chakra as Mother Earth’s energy and the Universal Life Force intertwined through me. The chakra that drew my attention the most was the Sacral so I decided to write about it today.
The Sacral chakra is at our core. It is love for ourselves as well as others. When our Sacral chakra is open and healthy, we allow ourselves to receive love and take pleasure in that love. It’s not bad to enjoy pleasure whether it be love making, enjoying the company of others, or even pampering ourselves. In order to help heal others, we must first heal ourselves. Allow the flow of love.

Ok, some of you are saying… “Oh brother… it’s the love thing again.” Yes… it is the love thing again. When we do not accept love for ourselves we cannot give it freely. But really it’s more than that. Think about it… What is it you feel when you are always giving, giving, and giving more? You say to yourself “I wish people loved me as much as I love them.” I do understand. I was, and still do, say that to myself. I have found that those around us are loving us. We just don’t allow it in. I think this is one of the hardest things to change in my life… to let myself be loved. I’m so used to giving to others that I forget to let others give to me. A simple “Thank you” from someone is usually returned with a “No need to thank me… it was my pleasure.” Those are words used to put up a wall for not receiving.

One way to change is to start taking pleasure in pampering yourself. Another is to allow others to do for you as you do for them. Sometimes, when you do not allow someone to do for you, you send them the message that they are not good enough for you or that their love is not worthy. We reject them without realizing it. We don’t want to send that message any longer because it hurts not only them… but us as well. I didn’t realize I was hurting others when turning down their help but no more. I will no longer push people away or not accept help or love when it is given freely.

So, this is my goal for this new year… to receive love. How about you? What are you going to work on for this new year?

Brightest blessings to you in this bright new year!


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