Third Eye Chakra ~ Balancing & Healing


Third Eye Chakra
Day 4
Balancing and Healing

The Mind’s Eye or Third Eye is the third of the higher chakras. Because its energy is focused around our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us, Continue reading “Third Eye Chakra ~ Balancing & Healing”

Root Chakra ~ Affirmations

Root-chakraRoot Chakra (Day 5)

Daily affirmations are a great way to start your day and keep a positive attitude but what do you do when yours are negative? I have found 19 negative statements we typically say when our root chakra is unbalanced… so let’s take a look at them and Continue reading “Root Chakra ~ Affirmations”

Grounding and Balancing Meditation

meditation-techniques-bodhi-treeGrounding and Balancing Meditation
Written by: Carol Gallegos July 30, 2015
Picture by: Unknown (if you know please let me know so I can give proper credit)

Find a comfortable position without laying down.

Once in that position, close your eyes and begin focusing on your breathing.

Slowly breath in… and notice the presence of your feet and your toes.

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“Your true strength comes not from self-reliance alone, but from a sincere faith in a higher power.”

Today’s Spirit Message comes from The Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

The strength to accomplish even the most daunting tasks is yours at this time. You Continue reading “Strength”

Chakra Flame


Chakra Flame

So I’m having a heck of a time clearing my mind enough to write about healing and balancing the Sacral Chakra. Hmmm… that must mean something. So I’ve decided to just start typing and see what we come up with. Here goes nothing… or everything!
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Wolf Energy
Wolf Energy…

A wolf energy came to me during meditation this morning.  It was interesting because normally, when I see animals, with my third eye, I see an animal… the physical aspect of the animal but not this time.  I saw an outline of a wolf and within was nothing but energy.  So this message is from the spirit, literally, wolf.

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New Interests… New Challenges

Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep (Ram)…

The Ram represents many things.  It represents our search for new beginnings, asserting ourselves in new areas of our life, perseverance, they have sharp eyesight and long-range vision, they have an acute sense of smell and hearing, they have a keen sense of balance, can negotiate nearly impossible heights and locations, sacrifice, achievement, breakthroughs, connection, stability, the ability to overcome, and an inner strength needed to succeed.

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