Empath vs. Highly Sensitive ~ Part 1


Empath vs. Highly Sensitive
Is there a difference?

Part 1

Not too long ago, I was faced with the question “Am I an Empath or am I just Highly Sensitive?” JUST Highly Sensitive? Every time I asked myself that question I came up with the same thing… JUST Highly Sensitive? Many people believe them to be totally different and some, in the Empath community, believe that if you do not meet certain guidelines you are not an Empath. Well… I believe you are!

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“Your true strength comes not from self-reliance alone, but from a sincere faith in a higher power.”

Today’s Spirit Message comes from The Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

The strength to accomplish even the most daunting tasks is yours at this time. You Continue reading “Strength”

Chakra Flame


Chakra Flame

So I’m having a heck of a time clearing my mind enough to write about healing and balancing the Sacral Chakra. Hmmm… that must mean something. So I’ve decided to just start typing and see what we come up with. Here goes nothing… or everything!
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The Frog…


The Frog…

The frog is highly connect to the element of water, cleansing, rebirth, abundance, metamorphosis, and ancient wisdom.  The element of water is about feelings and emotions so it’s easy to see that having the frog jump into our lives is telling us that we are going through a rebirth or metamorphosis of emotions and feelings.  We are going through a cleansing of old thought patterns and welcoming in new wisdom Continue reading “The Frog…”

Root Chakra – Therapies & Meditations

root-chakra-catherine-g-mcelroyPicture by Catherine G. McElroy

Root Chakra – Balancing & Healing
Researched & Written by Carol Gallegos (8.8.14)

First, let’s discuss what the root chakra is all about. The root chakra is the foundation of all the other chakras. All of the chakras are important but Continue reading “Root Chakra – Therapies & Meditations”

Message from Lion and Bear Cub

Lion-BearWe have three animals in this morning’s message. My journey begins sleeping in. Ya, since it’s a Monday morning I shouldn’t be doing that but I just could not bring myself to get out of bed at my regular (during the work week) time. So, finally, 30 minutes later than normal I get up. No hurry to get to work I take my time getting ready. Yes! Finally! Meditation time! I usually meditate after my shower… I’m clean and awake enough to not fall back asleep. This is important especially for this morning.

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