Light through the shadows

Zebra Spider
Today, Spider jumps into our lives.

She represents the female aspect in our lives among many other things.  I tried to pick a “not so threatening” picture of a spider because many have quite a fear of them.  I am one of those people.  Although the little tiny jumper spiders are really cute and they don’t bother me at all.  So, I’m sorry if looking at that picture makes you uneasy but it is a message we all need to hear.

I’ve read many wonderful things that the spider represents in our lives such as creativity, the mother aspect, patience, the weaver of our fate, and receptivity but one thing has really grabbed my attention… our shadow self.

Mostly, the spider is a positive symbol but sometimes it can represent fear of the unknown.  We’ve been roughing through some big changes lately.  More than lately… it’s been a few months now.  This change has been a doozey!  I’m still going through it as a matter of fact but things are starting to come into perspective and that is happening for you too.

When spider comes to us in this manner, she is helping us to look at the negative aspects within our lives… within our thoughts and actions.  Facing these things is hard.  We don’t want to see that part of ourselves because they cause us to look down upon ourselves.  A wonderful person told me something the other day and I’m going to quote him…

Love is a limitless ocean, without an ebb tide.
The love that creates us and binds us has no conditions. Anything separating us from that love, is an illusion. We fear the ebb tide and the love of our source pulling away. We think that we must deserve to be loved, via our behaviors or actions.
Love is a limitless ocean, without an ebb tide.
Evil is the illusion of isolation. Evil creates the conditions that separate us from the source of our creator. Evil creates the illusion of the tide receding, the fear of being alone, unloved. Evil creates fear, creates separation from source.
Love is a limitless ocean, without an ebb tide.
Being in body, incarnated on this world, can feel like being pulled under by a rip tide. It is dark, we can get turned around, losing our view of the light. We hold our breath, we struggle to find our way to the surface. We fear the ocean, we fear death, we fear judgment.
We are one with the ocean, there is no tide. We are light, we are loved.

Written by Brian Boutilier (The Turquoise Ray on Facebook)

The above quote has helped me work through these changes.  Keeping in mind that no matter what our fears are… we are loved.  If you are facing a time where you have guilt over some choices you have made which then causes you to believe that you are not worthy of anyone’s love… think again.  That guilt is not helping you… it’s only hurting you.  When people become consumed with guilt it eats at them and over time you become ill… your health is diminished because you’ve closed yourself of from the love that is always there.  We are loved at all times.  It’s the energy that flows within and connects each of us.  All we need to do is look at someone and smile.  When you get a smile back… how do you feel?  You feel that happiness inside shine… you feel the love.  That is our energy connecting to each other.  You don’t even need to know the person.  That feeling you get is the connection to each and every living thing.  Some people experience this while hugging a tree or being in nature… the feel of water in a stream flowing freely.  It’s our connection that frees us from the binds we create.

Let go… and let love.

In Love…and in Light
Carol the Oracle

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