Taming Your Energy Tornado

event_199916912Taming Your Energy Tornado
Written by Carol Gallegos ~ 4/8/2015

Do you feel like your energy is out of whack? Or maybe that you just can’t seem to keep it from flying out of control?
Last year, I worked with a mother and daughter that both have this issue on a regular basis. Their energies were in constant chaos which was causing them to fight a lot. When I looked into the energy around their bodies all I could see was a tornado around each of them spinning way out of control with chunks of negative energy flying out and hitting innocent by-standers. It was crazy and it was so strong that I actually had to bring my energy back into a calmer state. And this was all over the internet. I live in Arizona and I believe they live in Alabama.

How did I help them you ask? Well, I helped them tame their tornado. I’d like to share that with you here.

They are both good visualizers so that helped. So here’s what I had them do.

Close your eyes and ground yourself first. If you can, put a hematite, black tourmaline, or any grounding stone on the top of your head so you won’t have to hold in…. or put it on the floor between your legs at your feet. This will help you stay grounded. Place a rose quartz with the grounding stone as well to bring love and calming.

Now envision your energy swirling around you in the shape of a tornado. (Like in the picture)

How does it look? Is it spinning really fast and out of control? Or is it gently spinning feeling calm and relaxed?

If it’s spinning crazy and out of control you will not be able to focus well, you probably feel very anxious and anxiety ridden, and/or you may feel angry and in “fight” mode.

Take some deep breaths. This will help to calm down the energy a bit and help you to focus a little more.

Now bring your arms straight out by your sides (like the picture). Take some more deep breaths to bring the calm a little more.

Now feel the energy swirling around you with your hands and arms. Turn your palms out like when you stick your hand outside the car window to feel the wind. This will start to slow the spinning of your energy.

As you feel your energy begin to slow, point your palms down and slowly lower your arms to your sides. This will slow your energy tornado and calm the feelings you are experiencing.

Take a deep breath. On the inhale bring your arms back up (like the picture), palms facing forward (like the car scenario). On the exhale turn your palms down and lower your arms to slow the spinning even further.

Continue until you feel calm and the spinning us at a more comfortable pace.

Open your eyes when you are ready.

Now you can do the raising of your arms and such physically or mentally. Whichever works best for you.

You can also make your energy tornado expand and contract in this fashion as well.

You don’t want it slowed down too much or the tornado too small or you will feel run down and tired. Keeping a steady comfortable spin is important and can help you stay focused and happy.

Now if your energy tornado is very slow you can turn up your flow like this.

Stand with your arms down at your sides. Take a deep breath keeping your arms down. On the exhale, blow the air out (not too fast but do it like you’re blowing life into something. Be careful doing this as it may make you feel a bit light headed so be cautious and slow about it till you find a comfortable pace) and raise your arms up with palms up. This will make your energy spin increase and make your energy tornado larger. On the inhale, close your hands and bring your arms back down and then repeat above on the exhale. As you do this, you should feel more awake and like you have more energy to go about your day. Continue this process to build up the energy flow until you feel comfortable and relaxed but also energized.

I hope this helps you have a better feel for your energy and how you can control it when things get rough.


In Love & In Light Always,
Mama Owl (aka Carol Gallegos)

April 8, 2015

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