Prepare to Fly


Today’s message comes to us from the Pterodactyl. Yes… I said Pterodactyl. The prehistoric bird. I know what you’re thinking… “Really? You got a message from a prehistoric bird? Seriously.” I’m sitting here laughing and questioning the same thing. I even searched out large birds but no… it insisted that I was seeing a pterodactyl. It even screeched at me so I’m like… “Ok… you’re a pterodactyl. I’m sorry.” Hands up in the air. Ok… so let’s explore this interesting bird shall we?
So, I’ve been searching the web for any information on these amazing creatures and I can’t really find much to do with the spiritual aspect so I’m on my own. Aren’t many good pictures of it either so I’m using some from the movie Jurassic Park (awesome movies I might add). The way the bird appeared to me was a baby (only one) in a nest with its mother in the far background. So this leads me to feel a sense of being the baby with the mother to protect if needed. Ok… so that’s the background of the scene that was presented to me. So what do we get out of this?

We are the baby… we have been learning the ancient ways… the ways of our soul before being in this form. This knowledge is becoming clearer. The mother is our creator… the Divine… who has been nudging us ever so gently (ya… it doesn’t feel gentle sometimes) but we have grown and now we are being encouraged to use our knowledge… our abilities to begin to fly on our own. We are not yet ready to fly on our own but the time is coming close. So these prehistoric birds are coming to us to say that it’s almost time to start flying on our own. The creator… Divine… is going to start pushing us out of that secure nest we are in right now so be ready. Things are clearer to us so we need to start preparing for the nudge out of the nest. That means that we need to build up our courage and also that the Divine will not let us fail. Like the mother… they are always there to help us up and try again. This is going to be our trial and error time and pretty soon we’ll be able to fly on our own! 

The Great Creator… the Divine is always there for us no matter what has happened in our lives. To help us dust ourselves off and try again. Don’t be afraid… we are protected… we are loved… we are cherished… and we will not fail. Have faith that the best is yet to come.


Like Petrie in the beautiful children’s movie Land Before Time… “Did you fly?” asked Little Foot. “Nope… I falled.” said Petrie. Petrie tried and tried and when he felt like giving up someone was always there to help him try again. At the end of the movie they all found their parents and Petrie could fly so well that he lifted his mom off the branch.
Never give up!  🙂

In Love & Light Always,
Carol the Oracle

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