Chakra Flame


Chakra Flame

So I’m having a heck of a time clearing my mind enough to write about healing and balancing the Sacral Chakra. Hmmm… that must mean something. So I’ve decided to just start typing and see what we come up with. Here goes nothing… or everything!
With the Sacral Chakra, the focus is on creativity… on feeling that sense of pure pleasure allowing yourself to experience the fullness of your very essence. If you are anything like me, you experience life’s essence through touch, feelings, and emotions. For some, they experience the fullness with sight… kind of like a vibrant color that ignites something within them. Imagine that same thing only through touch, feeling, and/or emotion. If you are an Empath and/or a Healer then you know exactly what I am talking about. Another way I can describe it is there is a vibrantly multicolored flame within you… to me, that is the essence of life. We can turn this flame up or turn it down depending on the situation.

Let’s focus on this flame for a minute… can you visualize this flame? Visualize it sitting below your belly button cradled just above the pelvic area. How does it feel? Is it small, just right, or too big? What color is it? Is it a dull orange color or is it a vibrant orange or multicolored flame? If it seems very small and a dull orange color let’s kick it up a notch and see what happens! Imagine a dial that you can turn. The top reads UP and the bottom reads DOWN. If your flame is very small, turn your dial upwards just a little… did it make your flame larger? It did mine. Play with the dial a little bit and see how the flame makes you feel. Turning it up can make your energy stronger giving you more life energy. It should make you smile and feel more vibrant just like the colors and intensity of the flame. When you turn the flame down, you get a sense of calm. If you turn it down too low you may feel very tired and not so much energy. Now let’s play with the colors! Add a color to your flame… any color. I added blue. Make the colors completely separate. Now add another color… I added green. It’s beautiful! Now the colors are larger and burning more vibrantly. Isn’t that awesome! Can you feel and see it?

This is the flame of the Sacral Chakra. Did I just make this up? Yep! I sure did! I used my creativity and of course guidance from the Divine. You see, I kept feeling and seeing this flame within me. My guides kept nudging me to write… to just write whatever comes to mind. This flame kept coming to mind so I wrote about it and it totally feels right to me. That is what happens when we let go… when we allow pleasure into our life. That flame made me feel alive… and made me smile.

I feel a lot better! How about you?


In Love & In Light Always,
Carol Gallegos (aka Mama Owl)

April 7, 2015

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