Fear… Turning it Positive

The Rabbit

A rabbit came to me the other day and has stuck with me until I would write about him.  I was leaving for work one morning and there he was… sitting under our hauling trailer.  I could feel the fear coming off of him and I instantly started talking to him telling him that he’s ok and that I wouldn’t hurt him.  He seemed to be frozen so I headed up to my car and left.  That night, when I got home, he was in the same exact spot!  LOL  Now I know he had to have moved but it was strange that he was in that same exact spot.  So… when an animal comes into our life like that, that isn’t a normal occurrence we have, well I have to stop and take notice.  What is Rabbit’s Energy trying to tell me.

The first thing that I noticed from this rabbit was the amount of fearful energy he was exuding.  It was coming off him in waves.  So I begin to wonder… am I exuding fear?  Am I afraid of something?  Well… to be honest… yes.  We’re all afraid of something.  Sometimes it’s a crippling fear.  Fear can be about so many different things and sometimes we may not even be aware of it because we’ve had a particular focus in our minds that we’ve just gotten used to it.  So let’s dig a little and see if we can figure out where this fear is coming from.

First of all, let’s pin point our obvious fears.  Some typical fears are of bugs, certain types of animals and certain types of activities like flying for instance.  Now let’s dig a little deeper.  Stop and listen to your mind for a minute.  Sit back and just listen to the thoughts running through your head.  This may take a little bit if you’re not used to paying attention to them.  Sometimes… we say very negative things about ourselves and we don’t even realize we’re doing it.  So let’s work on an example.  You’re at work and about to attend a meeting where you need to pitch an idea that will change procedures for your department as well as a couple of others.  This idea, for some, will instantly put up a red flag because they are afraid of speaking in large groups but let’s sit and think about that for a minute… what kind of thoughts run through your mind.  Do they resemble “No one is going to listen to you so I don’t even know why you’re trying.”  “Who are you to suggest such things?”  “You look terrible so no one will want to even look at you.”  “Why should I have to do this… my boss should be doing it.”  These are very harsh and make me cringe even writing them but it wasn’t too long ago that the thoughts running through my head said those very same things.  These types of thoughts don’t only create fears but they also create strong negative energy that sound us and make us physically ill.  Just look around you sometime and pay attention to people as you pass by.  Do they look sad and as if they are beaten up emotionally?  That’s probably because they have these thoughts constantly going through they heads.  Such a sad thing.  But!  We can change that!  Let’s find out how.

How to battle those negative voices in your head
The more and more we say these negative things to ourselves the more we fear things and situations.  So how do we turn that around?  By paying attention to our negative thoughts and turning them around to make them positive.  Let’s try this out with our examples above.  First example: “No one is going to listen to you so I don’t even know why you’re trying.”  Let’s change this to say… “Everyone will listen to me and like my ideas.”  And physically smile when you say it!  You may get resistance.  I know… sounds strange doesn’t it but we’ve conditioned our minds to think negatively so it will try to stay negative.  Just keep trying and eventually those negatives will turn into positives and I guarantee you it will affect you in ways you never could have imagined.  It turned my whole life around.  Let’s try another example.  “Who are you to suggest such things?”  Some people literally feel they have nothing positive to contribute because they feel they are nobodies.  That is so untrue!  We all have something to contribute in this world.  So… let’s turn that into a positive.  “I am an amazing person who has great ideas that people want to hear.”  Don’t forget to smile.  The more you say it, the more you lift your spirits.  Last example and this one, I believe, is most important.  “You look terrible so no one will want to even look at you.”  This one breaks my heart.  I struggled with this one for a long time and you would not believe how many other people feel this every day.  So let’s turn this one around!  This one requires you to stand in front of a mirror.  I know, it’s hard.  Some of you hate the mirror and barely even look in one but we’re going to do this.  Stand in front of a mirror and say these words out loud… “You are beautiful!”  “You are amazing!”  “You are intelligent!”  “Everyone loves you!”  “I Love You!”  Some of you may begin to cry.  I did.  I got teary eyed typing this out because I remember how hard this was for me.  If you don’t that’s ok too.  If you start crying and you can’t talk… then cry it out and start again.  You see, our society teaches us, and sometimes our families, that if we are not the perfect look then we are ugly and not worthy of anything in life.  This is where our fears stem from.  We need to change that and once we do we will begin to feel worthy and have positive thoughts and then send positive energy out into the world.  That’s what changes the world our own positive energy.  The more we put out there the more everyone feels.

It’s funny how one little rabbit brought all this out.  I had no idea where he would take me writing this today and now that I look back at this post I can’t help but love it.  Thank you Rabbit for making me sit down and send this message out to the world.

Love and Light to you Always!
Carol ~ Mama Owl

Pick a Card – 4-23-17 ~ Reveal at the Bottom

Pick a Card 4-23-17

Pick a Card!

I will reveal the cards later tonight.

The Reveal is in!

Pick a Card Reveal 4-23-17

Left Card:  Throat Chakra
“I speak my truth and encourage others to speak theirs”
The Throat Chakra is linked to sound, communication, and self-expression.  Its name is Vishuddha and means ‘purification’.  The color associated with it is blue and it is situated at the center base of the neck.  This card is a reminder to engage your heart and mind before speaking.  Your words have great power over your own life as well as the lives of others.

Middle Card:  Sun Goddess
“I celebrate each sunrise and recognize the healing energies of the sun.”
Since the beginning of time, the sun has shone its vibrant, life-giving energy on the Earth.  Acknowledge the vital part the sun plays in the Universe.  Greet the sun with gratitude each morning and give thanks for its warmth and energy.  If you spend most of your day indoors, start putting aside time daily to sit or walk in the sunlight making sure you protect from the harsher rays of the sun.

Right Card:  Crystal Ascension
“I am attuned to the universal wisdom and energy of the crystal kingdom.”
You are being asked to bring crystals and minerals into your personal environment.  Your current environment contains too much artificial energy from material possessions, cell phones, computers and microwaves which causes an imbalance in both your body’s energy field as well as the energy within and around your home and work-space.  Crystals contain the earth’s natural energy fields as well as stored wisdom, which they have accumulated through the centuries of being on this planet.  Intuitively select one or more crystals to carry with you or wear at all times and others to place around your home and work-space.

If you would like please share any comments on your results!  🙂

Brightest Blessings,
Mama Owl  heart-with-flourished-edges

Embrace the Change

embrace-change-31Embrace Change
Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck by Kim Dreyer
Kim Dreyer’s Website

I move easily and confidently through the changes in my life.”

               “We often become complacent in our lives and resist or are fearful of change.  But change brings new opportunities, friendships, knowledge, and experiences.  This card is reminding you that all things in life change: the seasons, your body, and situations.  By learning to embrace the changes that present themselves in your life and seeking out the positive within these changes, you will realize that change can be exciting.  If you constantly resist change your life will stagnate and you will have little joy and may begin to feel that your life is meaningless.  The Universe presents new opportunities in your life in order for you to grow and fulfill your soul’s purpose.  When change does occur, allow yourself to flow smoothly and easily with it.  Do not force nor resist it.  Divine timing will allow the transitions you need to go through in your life to occur in the correct sequence and at the correct time.  Trust that all will occur when and how it is meant to.”

Kim says it beautifully… embrace the change.  Sometimes change can be so very difficult.  We grasp on to what we know, sometimes not realizing we are holding others back from what their soul needs.  Being a mom I find myself doing that more and more thinking I am protecting my babies.  Well… they aren’t babies anymore mom!  It’s time to let change happen even though every inch of me is screaming… “NO!  It’s your job to protect them!”  Gosh this is so hard but I can’t be the protector anymore.  I have to let my baby birds fly.

So fly baby birds and know that your over-protective mom is always here, ever supporting you, ALWAYS proud of you.  I love you so very much.  It’s time and I realize that now.  No more holding you back.

Love & Light Always
Mama Owl … Sometimes Mama Bear
Always your loving Mom.

Mirror mirror on the wall…

While in meditation this morning, I went on a journey.  I started out in a place I’d never been before.  A bamboo forest with a stream in front of it’s entrance.  Interesting, I thought… I’d never had a stream in any of my journeys before.  As many of you know, water symbolizes emotion and feelings.  “Go with the flow” is often related to our emotions and how we deal with things in that aspect.

Stream-Bamboo Forest-1

So I cross the stream and suddenly realize that crossing the stream meant crossing into another realm.  I could feel the change.  So into the bamboo forest I went.  Remembering that in one of my previous journeys, bamboo played a big role.  Bamboo means security and safety and even though this forest seemed dark and completely unknown… I felt safe.

On I went… I walked and walked with no sign of any spirit coming to me.  Finally a small clearing and in the center… a hole with an old wooden ladder coming out.  I was directed to go down.  So down I went.  It was dark and damp.  Made me a little uncomfortable to say the least but I moved forward… climbing down this rickety old ladder.  When I finally reached the bottom, I appeared to be in a low ceiling cave with roots coming out of the ceiling.  I saw a light so I followed it.  Once I entered this lighted room… I was amazed.

stalagmite-caves by Kaana Belize
Photo by Ka’anna Belize

It was a cave full of stalactite and stalagmite!  I felt the need to research what these formations are made from and it seems that the majority of them are typically formed in limestone caves.  As water drips down a small circle of calcite forms and over time creates these amazing formations.  Now calcite is very good at helping energy flow through our bodies.  So with that in mind… “Go with the flow” gives us a stronger meaning.

Ok, so on with the journey.  The whole right side of the cave was open to the sea with deep yet small bodies of water entering the cave.  Some type of water creature was splashing and carrying on in one of the larger bodies of water so I went over to investigate.  I’ve never seen anything like this creature before.  It was very interesting but it was not my guide for today’s journey… just one to help me along.  It looked like a plant seahorse but with the body structure of a human and it was very large.  It moved like a snake with flowing, feather like limbs.  It was very beautiful with an angelic flow to it and it was a light blue color… like that of blue calcite.  It spoke to me to come into the water with it and follow.  It didn’t physically speak… it sent me feelings of urgency to follow it… but I told it that I cannot breathe under water.  All it did was just send me the urgent feeling to follow so I trusted the journey and went into the water.  Guess what?  I could breathe under water!  Ya… very interesting to say the least.

On we swam and I also found I could swim just as fast as the creature… with whip like motions.  I felt like a Mermaid!  It was truly awesome!  So we swam for a while stopping here and there to check things out… I swear this thing had hyperactivity disorder!  LOL  It got so distracted… hence the “Go with the flow” being reinforced once again.  LOL  So I did and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Finally, we came upon a massive opening and tons of different creatures were about.  Some very small and some very large.  None seemed threatening.  Then something very small caught my attention.  It was a Seahorse.


He seemed very nervous and jumped at every little thing.  Poor thing kept hiding behind plants.  I wasn’t sure if he was my guide on this journey or not because he acted like he didn’t know I was there until he started speaking to me.  He didn’t speak with his mouth.  He spoke the same way the other creature did but added words to it.  It was strange.  I felt him… his nervousness and what he was feeling.  He was my guide for sure.  He kept giving me the feeling that he wanted to go out into the vastness of the sea and meet all the different sea creatures but he was frightened.  Afraid no one would see him… afraid no one would notice.  He would dart out… anxious to go then he’d run back to the plants again to hide.  I sent him the feelings of “that’s no way to live… wanting to go out and then hiding again”.  Then he showed me something that made me take a few steps back.  He turned to me for the first time in the whole time I was there and… turned into… me.

Love & Light…
Mama Owl  ♥

Becoming whole…

Black Panther1
This beautiful creature found me in meditation this morning.  I’ve always loved the black panther so he was a welcome sight.  I haven’t had one visit me in quite some time.  This time was… almost frightening to say the least.  The reason I say “almost” is because there was a completely different outcome than how it started.  Here’s what happened…

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What have you been searching for?

My spirit message today comes in form of a story…

In a forest far far away there was a tiger… searching for something he felt was missing.  TigerHe searched for this missing piece far and wide until one day, he came upon a large grove of bamboo.  Something inside told him that what he was searching for was on the other side of this grove and that he must walk along it until he found the opening.  So Tiger walked… and walked… and walked.  He grew tired and weary that he would never find what he had been searching for but he was strong willed and determined to keep pressing on.  He would take short naps here and there but continued on his path.

bamboo (1)Some days his emotions would get the better of him so he would become angry and stop walking.  He would sit and refuse to move but it never lasted long for he trusted in himself and the feeling he got from the bamboo made him become humble and flexible enough to let go of the anger and raw emotions.  He knew deep within that he needed to trust in himself that he would find what he had been searching for.  So he decided to take comfort in the feeling of grace that the bamboo gave him.  For weeks he walked… through storms and unending heat but he never wavered from his search.  The bamboo guided him and gave him shelter when he needed it.  He had watched the bamboo and how it responded to the storms and winds… it never wavered either and always came back to its original state of being.

And then one day… he noticed something different.  It was an opening.  He was very excited but when he came upon the opening and looked in… he saw darkness within the bamboo path.  Tiger was courageous and also felt that even tho he might not be able to see, he could lean on the bamboo for guidance.  So on he went.  With trust, courage and the ability to navigate unpredictability… he knew he could face anything.  So in he went.  Now you and I both know that cats can see in the dark but this darkness was so dark that no one and nothing could see in it so Tiger had to trust his instincts.  The path twisted and turned… went up and down… strange noises all around and some that even made him want to turn back… but no… he couldn’t turn back now.  He had come so far and to turn back now would mean he would never find what he’d been searching for.

Finally… he saw a light.  A light at the edge of the darkness so he raced forward full of excitement and eager to see!  He then came upon a clearing… on the other side of the bamboo… on the other side of the darkness.  What was it he was about to find?  Was it all he had been searching for?

It was Deer.  Well now the tiger was not real happy to find a deer at the end of all this struggle.  He was very hungry, so the thought did cross his mind of eating her but then the deer spoke to him.  She was so gentle and innocent.  evening_whitetail_doe_by_natureguy-d521mt7She told him… “You may eat me if it is your heart’s desire but you must know one thing before you do.  You have crossed over the great divide… from primal instincts to your higher self.  Traversing much danger and unpredictable circumstances.  Would you want all of that to go to waste to satisfy your hunger?  Or would you like to know your higher self by walking with me in grace?  Trust what is in your heart and you will never go wrong.”

Tiger gave this a great deal of thought.  He had trusted in himself to seek out his heart’s desire even though he did not know what he would find.  He trusted the bamboo to guide him… and now… he must trust Deer to accept what he had been given.  To let go of the struggle of searching for so long.  He had found his heart’s desire and so he walked with Deer off into the beautiful lush forest… happy and content.

I hope this message has meaning for you.  It certainly does for me.  If you’d like to share your experience… your journey… I would love to read about it.

In Love & Light Always,
Mama Owl  ♥

Learning how to fly…

crow_flying_stk_2_by_lubellemanipulation-d3e24drThe photo above belongs to LubelleCreativeSpark and can be found at this link:

Crow came into my meditation this morning drawing my attention to him flying.  He was squawking at me to pay attention.  As if directing me on how to fly.  Very interesting for sure!

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Praise your bills???

The Word Lord-43Spirit Message for February 5th, 2016

This is The Word Lord from the mystical oracle deck called
The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid

Yep!  Praise your bills!  LOL  I know… that sounds crazy right?  Who in their right mind would want to praise their bills?  YOU, that’s who.  The Word Lord is THE Master Communicator and Continue reading “Praise your bills???”

Watch out!

Talisman-49Spirit Message for February 3rd, 2016
The Talisman

Here we have the Talisman… from the mystical oracle deck called
The Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

This card, in reverse, is about repetitive patterns.  A repetitive pattern is surfacing in your life but this time… you can see it.  So instead of falling into that hole… again… Continue reading “Watch out!”

No More Room for Hesitation…


Tasmanian Devil
Blunt Honesty ~ No More Room for Hesitation

Over the past week I’ve been feeling quite out of sorts. I’ve been hesitant to speak my mind which makes me hold back on giving my opinion and/or assistance. I’ve felt that no one wants to hear anything from me yet I trudge on with my chakra articles. I keep telling myself that no one reads my stuff so why keep going? My guides… they keep telling me that I’m doing a great job and that it is helping people even though it may not be obvious. So… I keep writing my articles. It is helping me with my chakras so at least it’s worth it for me.

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