Walk your own path… go at your own pace.


The Badger came to me during one of my daily meditations recently and while they can be very cute animals they are also nothing to mess around with. The Badger is a ferocious creature and can do great harm if you are not careful. Knowing this, we must treat Badger with the utmost respect so that he does not turn on us. With that said… let’s look into what Badger wants us to know.

Badgers are very persistent. They don’t give up easily. They are also very protective. When Badger came to me, I was in the midst of contemplating some changes in my life. When this happens, we tend to start wondering if we are going down the right path. I was questioning the very thing. So Badger was there to tell me to keep moving forward and that I was on the right path. The change I was contemplating was actually correct and something I really needed to do. So if you find yourself looking at changing something in your life but you’re not sure… you’re probably correct with taking on the change.

On the website, spirit-animals.com, that I like to refer to from time to time, says Badger tells us “walk your own path at your own pace.” I believe that to be exactly what Badger was telling me as well. Be driven… don’t falter to what others want you to do… go at your own pace… your own path. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what our path is until we’ve traveled it for a while and even then we don’t realize what it is. Do we have to name it? No… it really isn’t important. Do you know why? Because YOU are the only one traveling that path. Of course there are others who travel a similar one in which you can gleam information from to help you grow and form your own decisions and understanding but that does not mean you need to follow their path. So be free to be who you are… who you want to be. Come out of that closet you’ve been hiding in for so long. We all love you for you. Don’t be afraid. Have faith in yourself. Love yourself. You are unique and this world needs each and every unique one of us.

The Badger is also deeply rooted in the earth. His home is buried deep within Mother Earth. His other message is that we need to be more grounded. There has been a lot of Facebook posts recently about “Earthing”. Earthing is a way to become more grounded and to become one with Mother Earth. What you do is take off your shoes and socks and place your feet within the earth. Physically, dig your toes into the dirt and allow your energy to combine with the earth’s energy. Sit quietly there and relax your feet in the earth. Just the simple act of places your bare feet will do wonders and will also help to drain all the negative energies we absorb through the day. Let Mother Earth embrace you and hold you within her energy. Let those worries and negative feelings seep down your body… down your legs… through your toes… and into the earth. Let her love cleanse you and release you from the bonds of negativity.

Relax and Smile.

With Love & Light Always,
Carol ~ Mama Owl ~
Written 8/24/15

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