Clearing the Energy Fields

Fluorite Wand

It’s been a long time since I wrote. A lot has happened in the past several years which has convinced me to clear my energy fields and start anew. Recently, my daughter of 32 years passed away. I used to tell people, when they were dealing with a loved ones passing, that they are nearby and are full of love for them. I believed that they were no longer in pain and suffering. I still believe that. Since my daughter’s passing I truly thought she would reach out to me but since I have been so far removed from my intuition/abilities in the past several years, I don’t feel her presence. That has been tearing me apart. I ask… why can’t I feel her? Why hasn’t she visited me? But… maybe she has and I don’t feel it or sense it. I do talk to her in my mind or out loud, depending on who’s around, and sometimes, I think, I sense her response. But is it real? Am I really sensing her? Going through this has made me realize that I truly have stepped away for my abilities… my love… my passion. That is something my daughter was and is unhappy about. She knew how much I loved sharing my inner knowledge of stones, of the fae and helping those who need assistance with healing and all things about spiritual energy.

Today my family and I went to a gem and mineral show in Prescott Valley, AZ and I found the fluorite wand you see above. My daughter-in-law, Lia, convinced me to get it. Once I looked up fluorite I realized that my daughter was with me when I found it. I read… Mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision making, clearing the energy field. I knew it was her telling me I need to clear my energy field so that I can get back to doing what I love.

The day my daughter died I had a stroke… a small one mind you but enough to thoroughly shake my world. I couldn’t remember things as well as I had… I couldn’t type as well as I had… I couldn’t speak as well as I had. I had to literally slow down and relearn some things so that I don’t fall back into the stress and pain of the world I was in. Sometimes I think my daughter had a hand in me having the stroke to MAKE me slow down. She knew I was not in a good place and reminded me of that all the time. My son and husband did the same and still does.

So, here I am, writing again… sharing again… trying to move forward with the awareness that I HAVE TO slow down and start enjoying my stones… my abilities… my passion again. I have to learn how not to get stressed anymore… how to stop worrying so much about others to the point that I take on their pain and suffering… I can’t do that anymore no matter how difficult it is.

So, here I am… learning again… sharing again… loving again but in a whole new way. Clearing my energy fields and learning a whole new way how to assist in the healing of others without taking on their pain and suffering. It takes time but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get better and get back to my passion.

So what can fluorite do for us? It can do just that! Help us clear our energy fields from the mire and muck this world has caused us to collect. Once we do that clear thinking will begin to happen and that will allow us to make better decisions.

Try this… sit with your fluorite every morning and ask the universe to help you clear your energy fields… take this muck and mire away from me so that I may start anew. What? You don’t have any fluorite you say? If not then take this picture of mine and focus on it. That will allow the energies of the fluorite to come to you. Focus on it and it will surround you with love and goodness.


Here is another picture of fluorite that might help. Allow that energy to flow through you and take the nastiness away.

I’m going to start working on this first thing in the morning. I would love to hear how your fluorite workout is going.

In love and light to you always

MamaOwl ~ Carol

One thought on “Clearing the Energy Fields

  1. Living with the memory of my Daughter’s passing (She died a very long time ago and at a very young age) i know the sting of this type of moment and the lingering ache. i empathize and sending Reiki to You and Your Family ………

    What i’ve done for the past 30+ yrs is every NOV i do a Repast Ritual for Her and for a Fiancee (not my Daughter’s Mom) who passed in the 1970’s). Sometimes they come, sometimes only one of ’em come and sometimes neither show up. Point is, whether they attend or not, i know, they know i still remember and honor their lives before and after.

    i didn’t know about this type of property with Fluorite and will have to see if i can order some gems online. i believe the closest place to me is in Tempe, AZ. But if in Tucson then i can drive up there.

    Thank You for sharing about a difficult time in Your life.
    namaste Sister

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