High Priestess of Earth

High Priestess of Earth - 3Today’s Spirit Message comes from the Wisdom of the House of Night oracle cards.

High Priestess of Earth
When you choose the symbol of the Vampyre High Priestess of Earth, she is nudging you to take care of your health and your beautiful body.

The High Priestess of Earth symbolizes all things in the physical world – your body, the body of Earth, and the things you surround yourself with. Now is the time to eat well, get rest, and connect to the power of Earth by walking barefoot! Be mindful, knowing you are a child of flesh and bone who came alive through the blending of Earth magick and your spirit. If your question is about a situation with a friend or a love interest, know that the High Priestess of Earth is asking you to wait until you see tangible evidence of what you seek to understand about this relationship. Perhaps a first kiss, or some shared activity, will give you more insight into your question. Stay grounded, and wait and see…

In Love & Light,


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