The Frog…


The Frog…

The frog is highly connect to the element of water, cleansing, rebirth, abundance, metamorphosis, and ancient wisdom.  The element of water is about feelings and emotions so it’s easy to see that having the frog jump into our lives is telling us that we are going through a rebirth or metamorphosis of emotions and feelings.  We are going through a cleansing of old thought patterns and welcoming in new wisdom from lessons learned.  Allow yourself to open to this new form of knowledge that is actually quite ancient.  The healing process is taking hold.  In accepting this new knowledge we will experience an abundance of love, feeling of security, confidence, and wholeness.


Relax and let that new knowledge take hold.  It’s a knowledge of Spirit… of our Soul’s purpose.  Relax… let it in… let it flow within and around you.  Meditate with frog in mind.  Allow her to cleanse your thoughts and perspectives to open you up to new thoughts and perspectives.  Relax… and let the Divine Love in.  Now ask the question… What is my soul’s purpose?

In Love & Light,
Mama Owl

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