Message from Lion and Bear Cub

Lion-BearWe have three animals in this morning’s message. My journey begins sleeping in. Ya, since it’s a Monday morning I shouldn’t be doing that but I just could not bring myself to get out of bed at my regular (during the work week) time. So, finally, 30 minutes later than normal I get up. No hurry to get to work I take my time getting ready. Yes! Finally! Meditation time! I usually meditate after my shower… I’m clean and awake enough to not fall back asleep. This is important especially for this morning.

So I sit and relax and instantly I am able to feel my energy go down into Mother Earth like the roots of a tree. As I feel her soil I pull her energy up through my roots and into my body touching each Chakra as it goes up and into the universe. Aaaaaa… what a wonderful feeling. Then I pull the Universal Life Force energy down into my Crown Chakra and into my body touching each Chakra… down my roots and into Mother Earth. Sometimes this makes me tingle and giggle because it feels so good and gives me a boost of energy but this morning… it felt like sinking into warm Jacuzzi… and as you sink in… that wonderful Aaaaaa feeling overtakes you. Sitting there, basking in the wonderful energies of the Universal Life Force and Mother Earth I find myself standing in that same grassy area with the Fae Realm to my right.

I smile knowing I’ve made it here once again and up ahead I see a Lion come in. He has such a calm and warm, loving presence. He finds a nice patch of grass and lays down. Looking at me and then looking away… just relaxing in the coolness of the green grass. I feel total acceptance from this majestic beast so I walk over to him, let him smell me, and he rubs the side of his face on my hand. I smile and sit down next to him and pet him while leaning up against him. Lion’s energy is of self-control, true strength, courage, and the ability to control and master your emotions. He wants us to know that he knows we have been going through many trials with our emotions. He encourages us to gain our self-control and have strength that we will be able to master our emotions. “Don’t give up” he says and he allows us to use some of his courage and strength. When Lion comes into our journeys and/or dreams we are instantly given that courage. Don’t be afraid to accept it as it is being given to you freely.

As I lay there with the Lion, a bear cub comes bouncing in and jumps on the lion’s back. LOL He is very playful but the lion just lets him romp around and play with him. As I begin to play with him I notice the momma bear standing in the back area watching. She seems the tiniest bit leery of what her baby is up to but lets her cub play. She stays in the distance allowing us to play and enjoy each others company. I motion for her to come in but she stays. So we know from past journeys what Bear’s energy represents (grounding, courage, strength, and healing) but this one is a bit different because of the playful nature of the cub. They are here to tell us that our inner child needs to be allowed to come out and play more. We do have a protector standing in the background to help us feel secure. In allowing our inner child to play and feel safe we are actually healing ourselves. Acceptance of our inner child is very important to become whole. Don’t be afraid to be creative and enjoy the child like energy within us… this is where our imagination and creativity resides. If we don’t allow the inner child to come out we will surely become dull and boring.

As we acknowledge our emotions, we accept our inner child and our inner adult and place them on an even playing field. Placing them on an even playing field gives them both power over themselves, not one over the other. This then leads to acceptance of the two energies bringing us to love ourselves and embrace both energies. The love that grows from within moves us forward to mastering our emotions which then moves us to unconditional love for ourselves and others. This is essentially what we all strive for and want for all beings. Mastering emotions is no easy task but knowing we have support and love makes that task much easier to accomplish.

In Love & Light,
Mama Owl

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