Azurite ~ The Stone of Clear Voice & Thought



 Isn’t this stone gorgeous!?!  I love it’s deep sea blue.

The picture below shows how it is commonly found.  It’s mix of Malachite, the dark green color, then the swirls of deep sea blue, the Azurite, and then the light blueish turquoise color, the Chrysocolla, is simply beautiful!


What is Azurite?
It’s is a copper based stone often found in copper mines.  We should have tons of that here in Arizona since we have copper mines galore!  Hmmm… I’ll have to look into that.  🙂

So, you may be asking yourself… What can Azurite help me with?
Well let me tell ya… it is great for activating your third eye chakra!  It also helps to develop some psychic abilities such as Clairaudiance, which is hearing spirit, Clairvoyance, which is seeing spirit, and good ol’ Intuition.  It works well with your third eye chakra and your throat chakra because of it’s deep blue color.  Remember, the throat chakra is associated with the color blue and the third eye is associated with the color indigo.  This stone falls in between the two.  This stone will also help develop a closer relationship with the Divine/Universe/God/your High Self because of the communication through the throat chakra.  Anytime you develop a stronger connection with the Divine, your crown chakra is activating so this stone will help with the crown chakra as well.  This stone, overall, will help you develop and keep the higher chakras balanced.

That’s great, but what about healing and just overall wellbeing?  Can it help with my body functioning better?
Yes!  This stone is great for learning and brain function.  It helps to stimulate those synapses in the brain so you can remember things for tests and stuff.  It also keeps you focused and have a clear mind.  For example:  I had to present some information to a room full of people and I had been feeling kind of sluggish and not being able to focus very well.  Needless to say I… was… nervous!  So I had worn my Azurite to work that day.  I also added a Carnelian for courage and Sugalite for love and compassion.  I felt pretty good that morning and my mind was clear and focused!  I was actually quite surprised at how well I felt.  So I got up in front of all these people and gave my presentation without a hitch!  It was Awesome!  Because Azurite is deep blue it resonates with your throat chakra which helps you to speak clearly.  It also works with the brain to have clear thoughts and those synapses were firing in the right spots so I was doing very well.

Not everyone has the same experiences with stones so if the stone doesn’t feel right for you it’s best to let it go and move on to another.  Don’t get discouraged… that particular stone just wasn’t meant for you.  Plenty of stones on Mother Earth!  🙂

Ok!  What else does this stone have to offer?
It’s great for helping you meditate because of what it does to your brain.  Remember what I mentioned up above?  If your brain is able to focus you don’t have all these other thoughts fighting for your attention so you are better able to focus on meditating.  This stone also helps you to relax and go deeper into meditation.  It helps you communicate with your guides and retain what you have discussed with them.  Anytime you can focus without those nagging thoughts we all have you can focus on yourself better and allow yourself to do more inner work.

Want to learn more about Meditation?  Check out my Meditation page by clicking here.
Mama Owl’s Meditation Page.

So… what do ya think?  Let me know in the comments below!  Share your own experiences with this lovely stone.  I’d love to hear from you!  🙂

Love & Light Always,
Mama Owl
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Exploring Our Energy Connection


Exploring Our Energy Connection
By Carol Gallegos
November 30, 2015

What is this energy connection that so many people talk about? This question is asked so much by people who are awakening. I, myself have asked it many times. I have found that many are afraid to ask this question out loud for fear of sounding ignorant. Well, I’m here to tell you that you do not sound ignorant… yes… I can hear you… or sense you asking that question. You see my intuition does not “hear” intuitively… it senses. I sense the energy around you. I can sense when you are dying to ask a question but are afraid to ask it. It is part of the empathic ability within me that senses the emotion part of your energy.

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So we’ve looked at both the Empath and the Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP as most have come to call them. We’ve discovered that the Empath is someone who feels emotions and sometimes physical sensations in three different ways.

1. Sensing but not taking on the emotion or physical sensation.
2. Feeling – You feel the emotion and/or physical sensation but you know it is not of you.
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Raise vibration

Empath vs Highly Sensitive
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The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

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The Akashic Records… What are they and what’s in them?

300px-Akashic-RecordsAkashic Records
What are they and what is stored within them?
Researched and Written by Carol Gallegos ~ August 5, 2015

The above question, as well as many others, come up when I ponder the idea. How many lives, if you believe in past lives, are stored in these records? All of them? What if this is my first life as a human and I’ve lived many as another type of being… are those stored there too? How can I access them?  Once I have access, how do I know they are mine and not someone else? Yep… lots of questions come up but for now… let’s just deal with the first one… What are the Akashic Records and what is stored within them?

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