Process of Letting Go…


Process of Letting Go…
by Carol Gallegos (7/24/14)

Here is the process to “Let Go” of something.
So what I want you to do is (if you want to meditate through this you can but you don’t have to) get comfortable in any position. If you want to lay down you can.

First… close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Deeply in through your nose, hold a sec, then out through your mouth. As you breath in, visualize a beautiful, sparkly, white light in the air your breathing in. On the exhale… visualize a dark grey color. Do this breathing until the dark grey color gets lighter and lighter until it’s gone or close to it.

Now… ask yourself, in your mind so as to not disturb your presence, “what emotion is bothering me?” The very first emotion that comes up, take hold of it. There may be a lot of emotions balled up so the very first one is the one you’ll work with first. Do not question this. Just go with the first one even if you think it is not right. Trust me.

So you have the first emotion. Take that emotion and place it into a bubble visually. This bubble will be in the area of you stomach a little bit below your rib cage.

Feel that emotion… don’t be afraid of it. Feel it. Let it consume you and act out whatever you need to in your mind. If it’s anger, visualize you hitting a punching bag. If it’s sadness, let yourself cry. If you’re afraid of something, feel the fear but don’t hide.

Now, let that bubble grow. It’s sucking up all that emotion from your body and your mind. Let it grow however big it needs to be. If it’s as large as your room that’s ok… let it be that big.

Now push the bubble outside your body… hold it in your hand… look at it… observe it. The color of it is turning pink and sparkly so much so that you can barely see the emotion.

Now, release the ball like you would release a bird. As you do so, the ball pops and it’s full of beautiful butterflies and glitter.

Smile… you have just let go.

By going this process, you are releasing something within to the universe to handle it. It will not go into anyone else as the universe will absorb it into the universal life force and by turning it into a happy bubble, hence the color pink, it is no longer negative.

Brightest Blessings,

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