Peace Within…

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Life can be a challenge.

No one ever said it was going to be easy and if they did they were not being truthful or they did not have a firm grasp on what it means to actually live. It seems there is a lot of loss going on lately… loss and struggle. During these times it is so very important to keep your spirits up and think positive. Talk to a friend, loved one (yes including animals) and don’t be afraid to love and be loved. Sometimes I think that’s one of the hardest things to do… accept love from others. When you’re in that deep dark mood you feel that no one could possibly love you… but they do… we do… I do. There is a lot of sadness out there within the energy waves… Robin Williams passing away has intensified it and he will be missed so very much. For those of you who are empathic, you know what I mean. Empaths are getting a surge of sadness right now because of all the pain and suffering. My family has their share of pain and suffering right now. We’ve lost quite a few of our dear loved ones within the last 10 years so it’s hard to keep moving forward at times. I know, within my soul, that they are in a better place… a wondrous place full of love and happiness and we will meet them when our time comes. We will all be together again and knowing that makes me happy and feel such a wonderful inner peace. It glows and radiates out. Let that glow flow out into the world. Let it out for those who need it… for those who feel this deep sadness. We need to lift up everyone and help them experience the peace within. If you all can help me raise this feeling of peace and send it out to all of those in need… I would appreciate it so much and you will feel much better as well.

Thank you my dear friends.
In Love & Light Always,

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