New Interests… New Challenges

Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep (Ram)…

The Ram represents many things.  It represents our search for new beginnings, asserting ourselves in new areas of our life, perseverance, they have sharp eyesight and long-range vision, they have an acute sense of smell and hearing, they have a keen sense of balance, can negotiate nearly impossible heights and locations, sacrifice, achievement, breakthroughs, connection, stability, the ability to overcome, and an inner strength needed to succeed.

Having ram show up for today’s message tells me that we are seeking a new challenge in life.  New interests that will bring about great achievement but not without some sacrifice.  The sacrifice will be to let go of the old to allow room for the new.  This can be a scary thing… the thought of having to let go of old things/people in our lives but that doesn’t mean it has to be scary.  It could be as simple as your beliefs morphing into a new belief that feels much more comfortable for you.  We have all gone through much change in the past month or so but the majority of it has passed.  Now we have a different outlook on life and our perspectives have changed.  So too our abilities.  It’s time to put those new abilities to good use.

So, when you meditate with the Ram in mind… allow his long-range vision and keen sense of smell and hearing to take you on a journey.  A journey that can show you where you need or want to go… what you want to accomplish… what you want to experience.  The world and other realms are there for you now.  Fear doesn’t seem to be so prevalent so go… enjoy your journey into new life interests and challenges.

In Love & Light,
Mama Owl

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