Third Eye Chakra ~ Balancing & Healing


Third Eye Chakra
Day 4
Balancing and Healing

The Mind’s Eye or Third Eye is the third of the higher chakras. Because its energy is focused around our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us, we can balance this chakra with internal thoughts and learn how to view ourselves, others and the world around in a different light. Changing our perception is a huge step in understanding and experiencing the world around us.

For some people, changing their perspective is difficult but all it takes is to be open to experience something new. To be open to other people and their experiences. At first, this can be hard. We may feel that we are open when in actuality we are not. Letting go of the need to control things is a big step in the right direction.

Control… why do we feel the need to control things? Well, sometimes, if we can control the outcome of our situation we feel we have accomplished something or we feel safer… more secure because we feel we were able to do something to make the outcome to our liking… what we feel is the right outcome. Well sometimes that is not correct. If you feel that you struggle a lot with life circumstances and seem to experience the same issues over and over no matter what you do… that is a sign that you need to let go of the outcome… let the Divine/God/Universe handle the situation. Let me give you an example. Being a Reiki Practitioner we are taught that we are not the source of the healing but that we are a conduit for the source to flow through us to help the healing. With that in mind… Say you want desperately to heal your spouse that has horrific back pain. Nothing has helped your spouse… no medications and he/she cannot have surgery to fix the problem. So, being the healer that you are, you want to help right? Of course! So you do reiki treatment after reiki treatment… directing where you think the energy should go but nothing works. He/she is still in a lot of pain. The problem is, is that you are so focused on the outcome that you forget that you are not in control of the outcome. It is not for you to direct the energy… to direct the outcome. This is where your ego steps in and tries to take over. Letting go of the control can be what is needed for not only you but the one receiving the healing. Sometimes you just have to let the Divine/God/Universe take control. I’m sure we all have had experiences of letting go and then to watch as miracles begin to happen.

Psychic abilities are highly connected to this chakra and, I believe, is the easiest one to work with when developing your abilities. Opening your third eye can be difficult especially when you don’t know what to expect or to experience. If you don’t have anyone to guide you, you may open it and not even realize that you have. So I will give you some exercises here to help you and yes, let you know what to expect.

Being an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person gives you an upper hand in developing your other psychic abilities because, whether you know it or not, you are already open with abilities just waiting to be triggered. Yes… this can be scary… especially for those of you who are already struggling with being an empath or highly sensitive person. It’s going to be alright. Stay connected with a group of other empaths (in person or on the internet) and don’t be afraid to talk about your experiences. That’s how we learn. It can be overwhelming being around other empaths who are secure in their ability. Sometimes those who are forget they were once in your shoes… afraid and scared to death of what was going to happen next. Be patient and learn as much as you can about protection and sensing energy. The right person for you will come along to help you learn the ropes. Always remember… learning more about your abilities makes it easier to cope with them. Don’t be afraid to move forward… the empath community is there to help. That’s what we are here for… to help our fellow empaths grow so that you can then begin to help others grow. It’s a cycle my friend and there’s no stopping it so you might as well hope on the band wagon and join the ride. Big Hugs!!! It will be alright.

Ok… let’s get this show on the road!

First, I want you to work on protection. Use crystals/stones to help ward off negativity, meditation and visualization to build up a bubble of protection or by drawing a circle that always surrounds you. There are many ways to do this so do what feels right to you. Reading about and trying different techniques is the only way you are going to find what feels right for you. One thing to also remember, if you are an empath, you don’t want to block your sensors. So when you do set up protection you want to allow for ONLY positive to enter your circle or bubble. When you state that… be very firm. Feel within you when you state if firmly.

So here is an example of a protection visualization. This will also work the third eye. We are going to do a circle (or bubble if you prefer) of protection.

If you’d like to use crystal(s)/stone(s) then go ahead and select them and hold them in your hands while setting your protection. You can also balance a couple on your head if you like or even place them in your pockets but holding them will bring their energy out more. Another thing you can do is place them at your feet or one in front of you on the floor/ground, one behind you, and one on either side of you. Whatever feels right for you.

Stand in the center of the room or sit comfortably in a chair.

Close your eyes and ground yourself.

Now visualize a large circle around you in a color that makes you feel safe, secure, comfortable and happy. Let this circle extend out about 3 feet.

Now we’re going to turn this circle into a type of bubble surrounding you.

Bring your hands and arms straight out at your sides. Perpendicular to your body. Turn your palms up and slowly bring them up to meet each other above your head bringing with them the energy from the circle around you connecting at the top.

Now, with your palms touching, bring your hands straight down in front of you and stick them back out to your sides, perpendicular to your body.

Pointing palms down, slowly move your hands down to bring the palms together bringing the energy of the circle down with them and connecting underneath your feet. You do not need to bend your knees because the circle will extend the energy down below your feet.

With palms touching bring your hands up into a prayer position.

Now you have drawn a circle or bubble of energy around you. We are going to set the intent for this circle/bubble.

Focus on the energy circle/bubble and say the following 3 times with focus and strength in your voice or thoughts with your hands in the prayer position.

Seal this circle with protection of love and light, anything less than love and light shall not enter.
Seal this circle with protection of love and light, anything less than love and light shall not enter.
Seal this circle with protection of love and light, anything less than love and light shall not enter.

Now feel the energy around you… play with it a little so you become comfortable with it around you. Extend it out a little and draw it in close. Feel how it bends with you and extends with your energy field.

Now put more energy into… draw it back out. You can also do a burst if you feel any negative energy trying to invade your circle. To do that, build up energy of love within your heart chakra… let it build gently… then once you feel a good sized amount… release it out around you quickly giving it a little push. This will send out a burst of love energy that will distinguish or push away the negative energy sending it flying. Hahahaha… I love doing that! They really hate that. Hahahaha

So now you have your protection circle/bubble!

So with the past chakras I’ve given you chakra meditations with affirmations. You can use those with this chakra as well (of course changing the affirmations and the little details of correspondence) but I’m not going to include them in this article. Instead I want to jump into the beginnings of developing clairvoyance which is the dominant ability within this chakra. It will also open your third eye.

This exercise is similar to the one I found on the Psychic Library website… I’ve just changed it up a bit to make more sense for me. Here is the link to their site with the original exercise.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and get comfortable by laying or sitting.

Ground yourself and set your protection circle.

You might want to play some soft background music or use a mantra to assist you in quieting your mind. A mantra is a word or short phrase that you repeat to yourself silently or aloud. This will help shut off unwanted mental chatter. If you find yourself drifting away from your focus, just continue repeating your mantra and concentrate on your breathing.

Start to clear your mind.
This is important so that you can begin to receive new information.
Picture your mind as a blank movie screen.
If you are focusing on a person, place or event, let go of any precious knowledge you had about them.

Now, focus on the area just above your eyebrows.
This is the doorway for receiving information.
Internally, ask your mind to be open to any unknown communications.
Repeat the following 3 times
I am open to receiving any positive unknown communications that would like to come forward.
I am open to receiving any positive unknown communications that would like to come forward.
I am open to receiving any positive unknown communications that would like to come forward.

Let the information come to you. What is the first thing that comes to mind?

If you are thinking about an individual take note of what they are wearing and what their surroundings are. Did you get a name? Think of how that name may be attached to the person you are thinking about. This same process applies to a place or event. If you do not receive any information initially, keep repeating this exercise. Eventually, you will get some information.

Write down the information you have received either during or after the exercise.

After the exercise try doing some investigation work to verify what this information may mean. Remember, it may be a name of a person or event that could be coming into someone’s life, or possibly an incident, good or bad, that may take place down the road. Once you are certain that you are gaining knowledge through clairvoyant means, try practicing it on someone. This exercise is fairly easy.

Ask a friend to give you a person’s name.
See what information or other names pop into your head.
Ask your friend if he/she is aware of how this may pertain to the person you are talking about.
You may be quite surprised at your accuracy.

You can also experiment with your third eye vision by noticing if you are seeing in color or black and white, are you seeing flat images or in 3D. This can also lead into feelings or senses. Do you feel what temperature or is there wind. Can you hear things happening? Maybe a vehicle or animals? You can expand your awareness doing these exercises and it is limitless in what you can experience.

As long as your protection is in place and secure… your experiences are limitless!

As with all of the different forms of psychic power development, don’t get discouraged, because it does take time and practice.

Ok… so tomorrow, I will give you some affirmations that will make you feel more confident and secure in the world of the third eye chakra. Until next time… explore the inner depths of your mind’s eye and keep that protection circle/bubble up!

In Love & Light Always,
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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