Root Chakra ~ Affirmations

Root-chakraRoot Chakra (Day 5)

Daily affirmations are a great way to start your day and keep a positive attitude but what do you do when yours are negative? I have found 19 negative statements we typically say when our root chakra is unbalanced… so let’s take a look at them and see where they come from and how to turn them around.

Negative (Poor Me) Affirmations:
I am easily drained by other people.
I am unable to relax.
I am fearful of not having enough money.
I frequently buy things I don’t need.
I hoard my belongings.
I am not appreciated at work.
I am constantly starting new projects
without finishing my existing ones.
I have problems with motivation.
I have difficulty reaching my goals.
I often have feelings of not belonging.
I frequently feel alone in the world.
I feel ambivalent about life.
I never have enough energy.
I am often sick.
I am often negative and cynical.
I am overcome by my addictions.
My feet/legs often bother me.
I constantly trip over things.
I am accident prone.

How do you feel after reading all of those? Do you feel deflated… maybe drained of energy? Imagine if you say these things to yourself all the time. A lot of people who do say these things to themselves do not and cannot understand why they can’t get anywhere in life or feel so down all the time. Let’s take a look at each of these statements.

To change those ways of thinking will take some effort but once you begin to notice those negative affirmations you will be able to catch them much easier AND turn them around.

1. “I am easily drained by other people.” So what is this statement telling you? If you simply state that other people drain you then it is setting it in stone, so to speak. You are confirming the statement and giving any person or entity to drain you. So how do we turn this around and stop allowing others to suck you dry? There’s one quick and easy way to do this. The first feeling I got was to automatically put up some protection barriers to protect myself from being drained. So let’s put up those barriers making sure to state, “I allow all positive energy to flow within and to enter my barrier” as you do so. This will reset your energy flow and only allow you to receive positive energy thus cutting off any such draining.

2. “I am unable to relax.” If you say it, you confirm it. So the statement here would be… “I am relaxed and I only allow positive energy to flow around me.” Anytime you do not feel relaxed there is negative energy around or near you. That could be any number of things… stress is a big one.

3. “I am fearful of not having enough money.” Once again, you are confirming or sending out into the universe that you will not have enough money. You are allowing fear to rule you. Fear brings negativity and closes you off to any positive energy flow. Fear of not having money is rooted in not feeling secure. Security is a large part of what the root chakra is based on so turn the statement into a positive like this: “I have a secure feeling that I will have enough money to cover my wants and needs.”

4. “I frequently buy things I don’t need.” Who doesn’t? Sometimes we need to be frivolous and that’s ok! By saying this statement, you are placing negativity for doing something good for yourself… something nurturing. Now if you do this in abundance and you do not have the means to cover the cost then you may want to back off on buying what you cannot afford. So the better statement would be and would also help you to cut back on your spending is: “I buy things to feed and nurture my spirit.”

5. “I hoard my belongings.” This is an interesting statement. Hoarding comes from that feeling of not being safe or secure… not having enough. A lot of people that are hoarders typically have experienced great pain and loss. Something they hold dear to them was taken away leaving them with a sense of not being safe. This can be deeply rooted and may take some time to heal from. Let’s give this a try… “I love sharing my things and feel secure in that fact.”

6. “I am not appreciated at work.” This statement I hear a lot. I’ve even said it. But the more times you say it, the more everyone believes it including yourself. When you believe this then when you hear compliments you will change those compliments around and turn them negative. So what you need to say is “I am appreciated at work and feel valued by the company.” This will set the positive energy out into the universe and bring forth many compliments. It will also make you feel better about yourself and the work you do.

7. “I am constantly starting new projects without finishing my existing ones.” Like I keep saying… if you keep saying it… you will believe it and thus set it in stone. Sometimes we have set backs which cause us to get distracted and not finish a project. By turning the statement around saying “I feel great that I can start a new project and finish them with ease” will set the positive affirmation in stone and help reinforce good actions and behaviors. You will begin to enjoy completing projects and feel a sense of pride!

8. “I have problems with motivation.” Simple turn around will change your attitude and give you spring in your step! “I am highly motivated and excited to be me!”

9. “I have difficulty reaching my goals.” Change this to “I reach my goals with enthusiasm and excitement!” and you will feel great!

10. “I often have feelings of not belonging.” This is where deep depression comes in. Sometimes we feel so lost and alone, like we are not loved or accepted. We feel we simply do not belong. This feeling can be devastating and can overtake you quickly if you let it. So don’t let it. If you ever hear yourself saying this, not matter how difficult it is, stand in front of a mirror and say these words… “You DO belong. I love you! The Divine (or God, or the Universe) has a job for you!” You may cry your eyes out but keep saying those words over and over and you WILL come out of that hole you feel yourself in.

11. “I frequently feel alone in the world.” Everyone has felt this way at one point in their life. There are times where we step into a “void”, if you will, where we feel no one understands us and has moved on to new friendships making us feel alone. It is a transitioning time we go through when we are becoming more aware of the universe around us. We can feel very alone during this time because as we grow, we sometimes lose friends and others that have already served their purpose in our life… we have learned all we need from them. I know that may sound cold but it does happen. To get through this, I would change the statement to “I have many beings around me that love me at all times.”

12. “I feel ambivalent about life.” We get this sense when we feel we have not purpose in life which can make one feel they don’t care if they live or die. Turn this negative statement into “I feel alive and love being alive!”.

13. “I never have enough energy.” Turn this around to “I am overflowing with energy and feel great!”

14. “I am often sick.” Change this to “I am healthy and vibrant!” and your health will begin to blossom. You will feel better about eating healthy too!

15. “I am often negative and cynical.” Change this to “I have a healthy sense of humor and love to make others laugh!”

16. “I am overcome by my addictions.” Change to “I am healthy and full of energy!” By stating that, you push out the negativity of the statement and bring in positive.

17. “My feet/legs often bother me.” Change to “My feet and legs are strong and healthy.” Again… push out the negative and bring in the positive.

18. “I constantly trip over things.” Change to “I am focused and happy!”

19. “I am accident prone.” Change to “My energy is focused and vibrant!”

As you can see it’s all about pushing out the negative and bringing in positive. Keep that in mind when you hear that negative talk. This one simple thing will turn your world around for the better.

So, that is the root chakra! Next week we will dive into the Sacral Chakra.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

In Love & Light Always,
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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