Passion for Freedom

The Horse…

What a beautiful creature.  When Horse comes into our lives he is speaking to us about our passion for life… our personal drive… and our passion for freedom.

The black horse in particular pushes us to strengthen our passions.  It’s strength reaches into our very soul.  Some say black is a negative color but it is a representation of protection.  The Black Horse will stand tall and help us through our battles in life.  He gently nudges us to take that step to be strong and stand up for ourselves.  It is time for that.  No matter your situation… you do have the strength to stand strong.  Regain your passion for life and your personal drive.

The horse also speaks of our balance between our wild side and our tamed side.  Sometimes we want to run wild and not have anything to tie us down.  There are also times we feel we are trapped and we struggle to get free of our bonds.  It is very important to be able to break free of the bonds we get wrapped in but running wild too much can cause many problems.  If we run wild all the time we could lose control of what we hold dear.  So keep things in your sites so that you don’t lose control.  So keeping a balance between wild and tame is really very important.

I wanted to share what The Spirit Animal website ( says about horse spirit animals present life energy.

“According to psychologist Carl Jung, horses symbolize natural forces mastered by human beings. Just like we harness a horse to ride it or use its power, we can harness our own energy or nature’s to serve us and bring us further.

A horse spirit animal, especially when it appears to you in a dream, is likely to represent your energy or drive to express your authentic self and succeed in life. This spirit animal could also be a reflection of how well you deal with your primitive desires and urges, whether you live with them in harmony or if they are difficult to control.

In addition to a common animal totem meaning that sees horses as symbols for sex and sexuality, riding a horse may also represent how we control the driving forces in our life. This could include sexuality, but also creativity, survival drive, or the energy spent providing for oneself or a family.”  I love this site and use it regularly.

Brightest Blessings and Safe Travels,
Mama Owl

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