Wolf Energy
Wolf Energy…

A wolf energy came to me during meditation this morning.  It was interesting because normally, when I see animals, with my third eye, I see an animal… the physical aspect of the animal but not this time.  I saw an outline of a wolf and within was nothing but energy.  So this message is from the spirit, literally, wolf.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with the aspect of balance.  We are human no matter which realm our spirit is from.  We have to live in this earth space in a physical form.  Some believe that it is so our spirit, our soul, can learn lessons to advance us to a new level of knowledge.  Some souls can intermingle with other realms while in this physical body but always come back to this physical realm.  So, when some thrive in the other realms how can we maintain balance with the spirit/soul and our physical being?  Maybe that is one of the lessons we have while being on earth.

Balancing the spiritual and physical can be very difficult at times.  Sometimes it’s not a problem at all while other times it seems so impossible that we can’t even breathe.  So… wolf is here to help guide us with his energy.  He allows us to use his energy to aid us in the balance.

When struggling with balance, I feel as if I am going to fall too much into the physical such as the daily grind of a job.  There are some aspects of having a job that I absolutely enjoy such as computers and software.  One of my passions is learning new software and then being able to teach it to others or use it to help others in their job.  I’m an Administrative Assistant and have been for over 15 years.  It’s my job to help people and I love that.  One of my favorite parts is that I have the ability to create things that make others jobs easier.  Anything I can do to make your job easier I feel is a major accomplishment.  But, when I am so focused on the career in my life I seem to lose sight of the spiritual in my life.

Connecting with this wolf essence made me realize something.  What I love about my career is the very same in the spiritual.  Helping someone’s job to be easier is the same as helping someone heal a hurt to make their life easier.  There in lie’s the balance.  Understanding this has helped me lift some barriers I didn’t know I had.  It literally felt like a weight has been lifted off of me.  Amazing.

So, if you struggle with this same situation… look at the essence of your job and what you love about it.  See if that matches what you love about your spiritual life.  I’m sure you will find they are one and the same.

In Love & Light,
Carol the Oracle

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