Dorcha ~ Facing Our Fears

DorchaArt work by Brian Froud, manipulated by Carol Gallegos

Dorcha, Epona’s Wild Daughter, appeared to me this morning to tell me that she has been busy

She has been working with a lot of us… making us face our dark side… our fears

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Don’t forget to play…


The chipmunk represents many things but the three we are going to focus on are preparing for winter, play, and asking spirit for help.

It’s that time of year where we are getting ready for winter.  Fall is rapidly approaching.  We tend to go into hibernation so look at things that might be a great way to pass the time while in hibernation.  Maybe focusing on honing in on meditation, learning about things you’ve always been interested in, or even that Continue reading “Don’t forget to play…”

Physical Connection to the Soul

Body MovementBody Movement ~ Healing Faerie Cards

Card meaning, from the book:
“Your body wants to express itself through movement.  Listen to your body, and it will tell you what type of movement it craves.

Your physical body has its own life force and intelligence, and it’s part of the same elemental kingdom as the faeries.  It’s both childlike and demanding, as well as mature and insightful.  This card indicates you body’s wisdom, and asks that you honor your body’s need for exercise and movement.
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