Physical Connection to the Soul

Body MovementBody Movement ~ Healing Faerie Cards

Card meaning, from the book:
“Your body wants to express itself through movement.  Listen to your body, and it will tell you what type of movement it craves.

Your physical body has its own life force and intelligence, and it’s part of the same elemental kingdom as the faeries.  It’s both childlike and demanding, as well as mature and insightful.  This card indicates you body’s wisdom, and asks that you honor your body’s need for exercise and movement.
Spending a moment asking your body what type of movement it desires.  Does it want cardiovascular conditioning such as jogging?  A peaceful walk in nature?  Stretching and meditative activities in a yoga class?  Dancing to music?  Listen to and follow through with your body’s answer.

I lovingly pay attention to my body’s needs.

We all know what exercise can do for us physically… helps regulate blood flow, keeps your arteries healthy, keeps a clear mind, helps with physical energy, and so on.  But do you know what it does for your Chakra system?  Well, when you exercise many things will happen.  Taking a walk in nature helps to center your being which in turn centers all the chakras.  Being out in nature helps your heart chakra connect with the flow your energy.  The more even the heart chakra flow the more we can be open to give and receive love.  We feel more acceptance within ourselves as well as others.  Our root chakra will feel more balanced which leads to more self confidence which then leads to opening our solar plexus and gives us a boost to our intuition which then leads to opening our third eye and crown chakra to see and connect with the divine more which then leads to the sacral opening giving us a sense of life.  Life is all around us while being in nature and it feeds our soul.  Now dancing really works the root and heart chakras.  Dancing makes us feel our physical presence which opens up the root chakra and makes us feel happy and excited which opens up the heart chakra.  Feeling energized is what exercise does for us and truly helps us feel whole and happy within our skin.

So jump around, twist and shout, be out in nature, and love your body.  It does more for you than you realize.

Brightest Blessings,
Mama Owl

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