Dorcha ~ Facing Our Fears

DorchaArt work by Brian Froud, manipulated by Carol Gallegos

Dorcha, Epona’s Wild Daughter, appeared to me this morning to tell me that she has been busy

She has been working with a lot of us… making us face our dark side… our fears

To help us, she uses “tough love” by holding us still, unmoving, in order to face our fears, our shadow-selves and our past. She asks riddles to make us think and turn inward to find answers that we seek

She drives us through our dark times, the parts we hide from all… even ourselves, pushing us all the while towards healing and finally… fulfillment

Many of us have been experiencing temporary madness from the rage we have inside caused by great stress and our internal hells.

But… on the other end of this dark journey… we will be transformed… forever changed… never to be frightened by that darkness again.

Dorcha’s element is moonlight which tempers and tests the spirit

She wears a crown of stars… a mark of service, compassion and great wisdom. Through all this… our inner conflicts and struggles will become our greatest strengths.

In Love & Light,
~ Mama Owl ~

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