Don’t forget to play…


The chipmunk represents many things but the three we are going to focus on are preparing for winter, play, and asking spirit for help.

It’s that time of year where we are getting ready for winter.  Fall is rapidly approaching.  We tend to go into hibernation so look at things that might be a great way to pass the time while in hibernation.  Maybe focusing on honing in on meditation, learning about things you’ve always been interested in, or even that book you keep setting aside because you’d rather be outside.  It’s also a time to gather herbs and stock piling the pantry.  Maybe learn how to make those herbal remedies you’ve always put off for a rainy or snowy day.  Now’s the time to hunt and gather stuff to keep you busy for the cold winter months to come.

On that same note… make it fun.  🙂  Make it like a treasure hunt… set out to find those hidden treasures your inner self has been curious about.  Faeries are always abundant when chipmunks are about and they definitely are out today.  They love to bounce in and out of our lives, and our minds, from time to time to keep us feeling lively and excited about things to come.  The Fae are interesting spirits.  They can make you giddy with excitement.  It’s time to let their magic into your life.  Remember all the fun you had as a child?  Well, you’re never too old to have fun so let the Fae take you on a playful journey to find those things you’ve always wanted to read or learn about.

And then last but not least… asking spirit for guidance.  When chipmunk comes into our lives, as well as the Fae, spirits are plentiful.  Our spirit guides are always available to us but they can’t help us unless we ask for their help.  Don’t be afraid to ask even if we think it’s very simple.  Even if we think we’re asking too much.  There is nothing our guides can’t handle.  Maybe it takes a few of them to work together on something for you but we will never get the help unless we ask.

The last few months have been tough.  Lots of change and difficult turmoil to work through.  Asking our guides for help to see what changes are unfolding is a great way to better understand what we can do to make the transition easier.  Did you ever think to ask if they could make it easier on us?  I didn’t… maybe that’s another thing we can focus on during the winter months… talking to our guides.  Asking for their help.  They truly are there to help us.  If they weren’t… why would they be there?

In Love & Light,
Carol the Oracle

Have any thoughts that you’d like to share?  Please do!  I welcome any comments that you would like to share with me. 🙂

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