Finding your faery wings…

This is a meditation for those of you who want to find your faery wings, energy tail, and to connect with the Fae. Enjoy!
Finding Your Faery Wings… a Meditation
by Carol Gallegos

Sit comfortably in a quiet place with no interruptions.

Close your eyes and begin concentrating on your breathing… feel your body rise and fall with each breath.

Now focus on bringing light positive air into your body on the in breath, and releasing heavy negative air on the out breath. Do this until you feel the heavy negative air feel lighter and more positive. (You can also use color for this as well. I picture beautiful white sparkly air coming in and muddy grey going out. Once the muddy grey turns clear I know the negative is gone. I’m sure there are other ways of doing that too.)

Now, feel the energy from you feet stretch down into the earth.

Let the energy turn into roots and take a deep hold within the earth… feeling the strength of it know that you are now grounded.

Now the earth will share it’s energy with you. You feel it enter your roots and trail up and into your feet.

Let the energy move up your legs, filling them with strong loving energy that makes you feel light and un-constricting yet totally secure.

Let the energy move further up until it reaches your tailbone.

At this point you feel a slight tug and then something beginning to roll out. This is your energy tail which you can use to connect to the earth at anytime, anywhere. Allow your tail to move about so that you begin to feel comfortable with it. It may want to go directly to the earth. If so, allow it to do so.

Now the energy is moving up your torso.

As it reaches your shoulder blades you begin to feel another tug on both blades. This could take a little time depending on how securely wrapped up they are. Let the earth’s energy fill your shoulder blades.

Now wiggle your shoulders a little to help them un-wrap. You will then feel them loosen and then spread out. Aren’t they beautiful! Notice the colors of your wings? What are they?

Now allow your wings to move about as they will. Feel the strength they have and how the energy moves within them. There also may be a glow about them.

Allow yourself to get comfortable with them. Roll them in and then roll them back out again. It’s best to get comfortable before closing them up because it could take a while the next time you meditate.

So now… allow the energy to move up through the rest of your body… making the energy connection whole. Sit with this energy for a moment allowing yourself to feel your tail and where it’s at and your wings and what they are doing.

Now allow the earth’s energy to move back down into the earth. Keep the roots secure a little longer until you get your bearings.

Now roll up your wings and secure them within your shoulder blades, roll in your tail securing it in your tailbone.

When you are ready… open your eyes.

How do you feel? If you’d like to share your experience I would love to hear about it.

Brightest Blessings!
Carol the Oracle

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