Watch out!

Talisman-49Spirit Message for February 3rd, 2016
The Talisman

Here we have the Talisman… from the mystical oracle deck called
The Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

This card, in reverse, is about repetitive patterns.  A repetitive pattern is surfacing in your life but this time… you can see it.  So instead of falling into that hole… again… you can change your course to avoid the pitfalls that are drawing you in.  Be brave… don’t be afraid to change course.  You are here, facing this repetitive pattern, for a reason and that reason is to grow.  To grow in the knowledge that you are very capable of taking control of your life with the help of spirit.  Accept that help and love.  The Divine doesn’t want you to keep repeating these patterns but you had to experience them to learn this valuable lesson.  To learn to trust your instincts and move around the hole instead of falling in.  At this point, because you can see the repetitive pattern, it would be more like jumping into the hole instead of falling in.  Choosing not to change course is a fear of uncertainty.  Trust that the Divine is guiding you and speaking to you using your intuition.  Trust your intuition without fear and you will never be guided in the wrong direction.

This is my version of the reversed Talisman card.

In Love & Light Always
Mama Owl  ♥♥♥

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