Becoming whole…

Black Panther1
This beautiful creature found me in meditation this morning.  I’ve always loved the black panther so he was a welcome sight.  I haven’t had one visit me in quite some time.  This time was… almost frightening to say the least.  The reason I say “almost” is because there was a completely different outcome than how it started.  Here’s what happened…

I was doing my breathing, grounding and allowing the universal life force to flow freely within and almost instantly I saw a black panther walking around.  He first appeared to be walking along next to some trees away from me but as soon as he noticed me he turned and ran towards me.  I kind of freaked at first but then relaxed because he felt very familiar and I did not feel threatened at all.  The next thing I new he jumped “into” me.  Yes… Into me.  I fell backwards and then appeared as a native american woman on the ground with him on top of me.  I was roughing him up and hugging him like a long lost friend.  We were so very happy and excited to see each other!  I know him and he knows me.
I’ve missed you… my guardian… my teacher… my guide.

Now… that was my experience but let’s look into what this beautiful creature might have in store for you.

The black panther is a stealthy animal.  He is a silent hunter and can remain still so much so that sometimes he can be undetected.  He is a fierce guardian and represents mother energy, the dark moon and the power of night.  He encourages us to look within and to learn from working through the shadows.  Sometimes we have deeper issues that we have pushed down… not wanting to admit we have those issues so they reside in the shadows.  With panther’s presence and guidance, he encourages us to work through these shadow laden issues.  In doing this we will reclaim our power.  When we reclaim our power our intuition will become stronger and you may even begin to develop clairaudience (psychic hearing).  We will gain a deeper spiritual vision.  Expanding your awareness will help to eliminate fears and will lead us to become whole again.

Another of Panther’s symbolism is touch.  Touch is a significant part of our path and helps us to awaken concealed gifts.  Sexual issues come to light when visited by Panther.  He says it is time to resolve old sexual issues and that it is ok to embrace your sexuality.  Our sexuality is part of our inner power and embracing this part of ourselves will open us up to accept change much more gracefully.

It is time to release your passions… your dreams… your deepest desires.  Give them life and let them create a new world within.

Panther brought us a beautiful message… how does this resonate with you?

I Love & Light Always,
Mama Owl  ♥

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