Mirror mirror on the wall…

While in meditation this morning, I went on a journey.  I started out in a place I’d never been before.  A bamboo forest with a stream in front of it’s entrance.  Interesting, I thought… I’d never had a stream in any of my journeys before.  As many of you know, water symbolizes emotion and feelings.  “Go with the flow” is often related to our emotions and how we deal with things in that aspect.

Stream-Bamboo Forest-1

So I cross the stream and suddenly realize that crossing the stream meant crossing into another realm.  I could feel the change.  So into the bamboo forest I went.  Remembering that in one of my previous journeys, bamboo played a big role.  Bamboo means security and safety and even though this forest seemed dark and completely unknown… I felt safe.

On I went… I walked and walked with no sign of any spirit coming to me.  Finally a small clearing and in the center… a hole with an old wooden ladder coming out.  I was directed to go down.  So down I went.  It was dark and damp.  Made me a little uncomfortable to say the least but I moved forward… climbing down this rickety old ladder.  When I finally reached the bottom, I appeared to be in a low ceiling cave with roots coming out of the ceiling.  I saw a light so I followed it.  Once I entered this lighted room… I was amazed.

stalagmite-caves by Kaana Belize
Photo by Ka’anna Belize

It was a cave full of stalactite and stalagmite!  I felt the need to research what these formations are made from and it seems that the majority of them are typically formed in limestone caves.  As water drips down a small circle of calcite forms and over time creates these amazing formations.  Now calcite is very good at helping energy flow through our bodies.  So with that in mind… “Go with the flow” gives us a stronger meaning.

Ok, so on with the journey.  The whole right side of the cave was open to the sea with deep yet small bodies of water entering the cave.  Some type of water creature was splashing and carrying on in one of the larger bodies of water so I went over to investigate.  I’ve never seen anything like this creature before.  It was very interesting but it was not my guide for today’s journey… just one to help me along.  It looked like a plant seahorse but with the body structure of a human and it was very large.  It moved like a snake with flowing, feather like limbs.  It was very beautiful with an angelic flow to it and it was a light blue color… like that of blue calcite.  It spoke to me to come into the water with it and follow.  It didn’t physically speak… it sent me feelings of urgency to follow it… but I told it that I cannot breathe under water.  All it did was just send me the urgent feeling to follow so I trusted the journey and went into the water.  Guess what?  I could breathe under water!  Ya… very interesting to say the least.

On we swam and I also found I could swim just as fast as the creature… with whip like motions.  I felt like a Mermaid!  It was truly awesome!  So we swam for a while stopping here and there to check things out… I swear this thing had hyperactivity disorder!  LOL  It got so distracted… hence the “Go with the flow” being reinforced once again.  LOL  So I did and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Finally, we came upon a massive opening and tons of different creatures were about.  Some very small and some very large.  None seemed threatening.  Then something very small caught my attention.  It was a Seahorse.


He seemed very nervous and jumped at every little thing.  Poor thing kept hiding behind plants.  I wasn’t sure if he was my guide on this journey or not because he acted like he didn’t know I was there until he started speaking to me.  He didn’t speak with his mouth.  He spoke the same way the other creature did but added words to it.  It was strange.  I felt him… his nervousness and what he was feeling.  He was my guide for sure.  He kept giving me the feeling that he wanted to go out into the vastness of the sea and meet all the different sea creatures but he was frightened.  Afraid no one would see him… afraid no one would notice.  He would dart out… anxious to go then he’d run back to the plants again to hide.  I sent him the feelings of “that’s no way to live… wanting to go out and then hiding again”.  Then he showed me something that made me take a few steps back.  He turned to me for the first time in the whole time I was there and… turned into… me.

Love & Light…
Mama Owl  ♥

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