Learning how to fly…

crow_flying_stk_2_by_lubellemanipulation-d3e24drThe photo above belongs to LubelleCreativeSpark and can be found at this link:

Crow came into my meditation this morning drawing my attention to him flying.  He was squawking at me to pay attention.  As if directing me on how to fly.  Very interesting for sure!

So… what does this mean?  Crow symbolism brings forth the mysteries of life in forms of
transformation, intelligence, developing a higher perspective, being fearless, adapting, and even manipulation.  Most people believe that the Crow’s symbolism is about bad omens and/or death.  While those two things have a lot to do with the mysteries of life this visit is not about any type of warning.

Crow is here to guide us and help shape our outlook on life… the mysteries of life specifically.  We are always, those of us who are awake or awakening to our purpose, looking for signs of how to navigate the symbols the Divine is always sending us.  This can be very difficult… especially when we find ourselves in the dark.  When we feel trapped we don’t always see those signs and if we do… how can we use them… how can we accept them?

Crow wants us to learn the navigation tools.  Use our own discernment.  Use our gut instincts.  When we feel something that is not good we veer off to the side to avoid colliding with disaster.  Just like Crow when he is flying.  He sees a tree up ahead so he veers to the side to avoid hitting it.  We can do the same when we listen to our instincts.

He’s teaching us how to fly… bank left… bank right… or catch that up-draft to ride the winds of change.  Catch those winds that allow you to glide through acceptance of your Divine gifts.  When you catch that wind that allows you to glide it is like accepting Divine power over all… letting the Divine guide you into your purpose.  Going with the flow.

It’s amazing when this happens.  Listen to your instincts… your intuition and let go of control and you will catch that wind that allows you to glide to your destination.

Spirit animals are so amazing… especially when you’re open to hearing what they have to say.

In Love & Light Always,
Mama Owl  ♥

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