No More Room for Hesitation…


Tasmanian Devil
Blunt Honesty ~ No More Room for Hesitation

Over the past week I’ve been feeling quite out of sorts. I’ve been hesitant to speak my mind which makes me hold back on giving my opinion and/or assistance. I’ve felt that no one wants to hear anything from me yet I trudge on with my chakra articles. I keep telling myself that no one reads my stuff so why keep going? My guides… they keep telling me that I’m doing a great job and that it is helping people even though it may not be obvious. So… I keep writing my articles. It is helping me with my chakras so at least it’s worth it for me.

So this morning, while getting ready for work, this interesting animal kept popping up in my mind. The Tasmanian Devil. So I stop what I’m doing and close my eyes for a bit to hear what he has to say. He said that I am hesitating and wasting too much time worrying about other people. That I need to get on with it already. He said it quite forceful I might add. He’s not one to mess with because he is not afraid to bite with his brutal honesty. I need to stop worrying about what others think. Get off my butt and ask for what I want. Do what I want. Be who I am and stop waiting around for this or that to happen first. I need to put myself first for a change.

You see, the Tasmanian Devil likes to really jumble up your life and just leave you in a state of total disarray… that way you have to do something about it… you have to change or you’ll be stuck in a huge mess until you do. How many of you have felt that lately? How many of you feel like your life has been literally turned upside down?

This guy is not gentle. He likes to push your fears in your face and make you angry so you finally deal with them with such a force that you sometimes have no control. As an empath and highly sensitive person… this scares me. I’m gonna be honest with myself… I’m scared to confront people and demand things. I don’t want to rock the boat. I want things to surface gently but he’ll have none of that. I’ve waited too long. Have you?

So… what are we going to do about it? Something has been eating at me… eating at my thoughts… at my brain… causing such a mass array of change and fear that I’ve been holding back on so many things. Holding back on being my true self… not allowing my light to shine for fear of someone extinguishing it.

I’m afraid… afraid of what others will say… afraid I’ll be wrong… afraid I’ll hurt someone for becoming what and who I am. I’ve done this many lifetimes… allowing others to shine before me… helping others to grow while I wait my turn.

What is it now that I am supposed to do? I bet you’re asking the same thing for yourself. So, my guides keep showing me this group that they want me to create… “It’s going to take a lot of work and dedication” they say. “You have to constantly stay on top of it” they say. “It is your future.” So why am I so worried? If this group is the beginning of my future of happiness… why am I afraid? Fear of rejection? Fear of success? Could be… I guess I will find out soon enough.

The reason I’ve just written all of this is… well… maybe it will help one of you out there in the cyber world. Just maybe… one of you will read this and say “I am going through the same thing!” And maybe… just maybe you too will find the courage to do what it is that you are meant to do.

I sure hope so.

In Love & Light Always…
Carol ~ Mama Owl

2 thoughts on “No More Room for Hesitation…

  1. Hi Carol, I read your blog regularly and I thought id have a look today and I have come accross this and its perfect for me as I am struggling in speaking my mind to someone so thank you for writing it xx

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