Prepare to Fly


Today’s message comes to us from the Pterodactyl. Yes… I said Pterodactyl. The prehistoric bird. I know what you’re thinking… “Really? You got a message from a prehistoric bird? Seriously.” I’m sitting here laughing and questioning the same thing. I even searched out large birds but no… it insisted that I was seeing a pterodactyl. It even screeched at me so I’m like… “Ok… you’re a pterodactyl. I’m sorry.” Hands up in the air. Ok… so let’s explore this interesting bird shall we?
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Peace & Love

Peace & Love

Every morning I set time aside to meditate.  It helps me to restart and have a fresh mind for the day.  Lately, it has not worked.  So many worries and thoughts run through my mind.  I try to move them along gently so that I can find some peace and get messages from spirit to pass along to all of you.  Sometimes it works and other times… well let’s just say I struggle to let go.

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