Hidden gifts…


This morning, several animals came to me. First I saw the lamb, second the crocodile, third the rooster, and fourth the buffalo. This is the story they have presented to me.
The lamb brings forward innocence and child-like qualities in us. We feel very vulnerable, and sense of powerlessness, with these new energies coming about. We feel the fight to conform to the social norms and/or our family taught values. Feeling vulnerable is not an easy feeling to get through… it’s very uncomfortable.

The crocodile shows us that this is a new period of growth. We are gifted with the true knowledge of others’ emotions and that we are to use them to help guide us through this vulnerable period of time.

Rooster says we need to open up to the great mysteries of the past to find our hidden-selves. Our hidden selves have been hiding because society has taught us that we are not worthy of such greatness… of such power. By opening ourselves up we will discover our hidden powers… our hidden potential. Rooster will aid us in the presentation (physical and/or spiritual), our communication of our heart’s desires… our heart’s true intent.

The buffalo will help us build our strength of character… our independent spirit. He reminds us to be grateful of our gifts but do not force your path… move forward as your spirit guides you.

As many have stated… we are in constant change during this time. Feeling vulnerable is normal when new knowledge is being imparted on us. We are constantly bombarded with new gifts and learning how to use these new gifts can be a challenge. Some say to leave the past behind but sometimes, answers can be found by looking into the past. I feel that these new gifts can be found from looking into our past. Our past lives and the lives of our ancestors. A visit to the Akashic Records may be in store. Society, as well as some of our family, have shut us away from our past. They are afraid of what was. They have been taught to fear it… fear retribution. Those fears no longer serve our purpose and will no longer cause hate and deceit… and even death. Now is our time to discover what we are truly made of… what we can truly do. So allow that true knowledge to come into your life so that you can share it with all of humanity. The help is there. All we need to do is ask for it.

In Love & Light
Carol the Oracle

2 thoughts on “Hidden gifts…

  1. seerspath

    very nice, i agree we all can learn much about ourselves from our past and ancestors. i think it is a good thing as long as you dont dwell init or bring back that which does not serve you now. funny you mentioned crocodile I have had a alligator visiting me this week.
    Hugs sis 🙂

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