Prepare to Fly


Today’s message comes to us from the Pterodactyl. Yes… I said Pterodactyl. The prehistoric bird. I know what you’re thinking… “Really? You got a message from a prehistoric bird? Seriously.” I’m sitting here laughing and questioning the same thing. I even searched out large birds but no… it insisted that I was seeing a pterodactyl. It even screeched at me so I’m like… “Ok… you’re a pterodactyl. I’m sorry.” Hands up in the air. Ok… so let’s explore this interesting bird shall we?
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It’s all in the details… or is it?

Mouse scurried into our lives this morning.  🙂

Today, mouse is bringing forward our ability to focus on details in order to get a larger accomplishment but he is also representing the fact that we may be focusing on the small things too much which is hindering our progress.  I put both aspects out there because I feel it is divided among us.  Some of us are focusing too much on the details… the small things and some of us are not focusing on them enough.
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New Interests… New Challenges

Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep (Ram)…

The Ram represents many things.  It represents our search for new beginnings, asserting ourselves in new areas of our life, perseverance, they have sharp eyesight and long-range vision, they have an acute sense of smell and hearing, they have a keen sense of balance, can negotiate nearly impossible heights and locations, sacrifice, achievement, breakthroughs, connection, stability, the ability to overcome, and an inner strength needed to succeed.

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