Ancient Wisdom, Power, and Patience

Elephant has graced us with her presence this morning.  She’s such a majestic and peaceful creature.  She has come to remind us that we have the strength now to push forward through your current obstacle.  She is also here to show us that we have a great connection to ancient wisdom and that we can use that now that the veil has been lifted from our eyes.
We now have a type of patience that is found in royalty.  This type of patience allows us to re-certify our integrity.  An integrity that is bound by discernment and intelligence.  We now know of our strength and power surrounded by gentleness.  Use this strength and power to go forward… to move among and lead those in need.  With your communication enveloped in compassion… they will follow.

This is also a time to gain more knowledge as the flood gates have been opened to you.  Because this connection to ancient wisdom has been opened to us we can partake and gain it for our use in healing others.  With great wisdom is great responsibility and power.  Use it wisely.

In Love & Light,
Carol the Oracle

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