Patience, courage, and deep healing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis message is dedicated to the Kid (the kitty in the pic who passed away last night)…

The Kid, like most cats, was very patient.  He used that ability to hunt and focus intently, waiting for the right moment to pounce.  He also seemed to be very connected within himself.  He was very stubborn.  LOL  But we loved him so very much.  When my fiance’s brother (who already had 3 cats) noticed him hanging around he found that he had been abandoned and when winter hit my fiance took him in.  They couldn’t bare to leave him out in the cold.  Ever since he has been a part of the family.  The Kid was very fond of my fiance and was actually quite needy.  LOL  He would not leave him alone until he let him sit in his lap.  Silly cat.  He would also let you know when he was done letting you pet him.  Yes… it was a privilege he allowed us. 😉  He could only handle so much lovin.  LOL  He will be sorely missed.

Patience… I’ve noticed lately that many of us have been experiencing some pretty strong issues.  Difficult issues that require a lot of patience… and waiting… for the right moment so we can pounce.  A lot of inner growth is happening and it’s making us antsy because it’s taking much longer than normal.  So at this time, we need to focus on having patience, work on those difficult issues and face them with courage.

Courage is needed at this time to move through these difficult issues.  They are very deeply rooted and that is why they are taking a long time to heal.  One suggestion, which is helping me a lot, is to delve into the Chakras.  Research them and look at what aspects they have.  That could very possibly help you focus on what needs healing.  That has been helping me determine the issues.

And then finally, Deep Healing… which I discussed above.  Deep healing will help you move forward and become stronger.  You will have more confidence and feel freer to move forward in your life.  Once you get through this, you will be so very glad you did because you will have a sense of ultimate freedom once you get through this.

So be patient with yourself (this deep healing is a tough one) and have courage that you will make it through this.

We love you Kid and you will be forever in our hearts.
In Love & Light… Forever & Always

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