raven in flight
The Raven…

This one was tough for me.  It may be because of my Aunt passing away.  Most people relate the raven to omens of death and the underworld… but that is not what he is bringing about to us today.

The raven is a very intelligent animal.  His energy feels as though he is almost human like so he can connect with us in a deeply and profound way.  This animal is highly connected to shamanic healing as well as magic, intellect, introspect, courage, no fear, illumination, connection to the crone, honoring ancestors and their very ancient magic.

When raven comes into our life, he helps us illuminate what is in the darkness.  Our fears, our inner turmoil and conflicts are all brought to light to help us see what we have to face.  By doing this, it brings us the power to face these fears which brings about a rebirth without fear.

Raven does not mince words.  He tells like it is without coddling us and pampering our whimpers.  He gives us the courage to stand strong and go forth into this world with a sense of renewed strength.

Alternatively, when raven comes into our lives, it is a sign of inner healing as well as bringing out the inner healer.  He brings out the shaman healer that is within.  This makes us stronger and gives us courage to share our ability.  This is very evident as our world needs more healers.

While raven is a spirit that does not hesitate to bring out truth… it is also very respectful of us and would never harm us.

Blessed Be,
Mama Owl

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