Get it done!

Charging black rhinoceros. Black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis)

When the Rhino came to me, he looked almost like the picture above.  He was not charging but it felt like he wanted to.  He was frustrated with me and seemed to be telling me to “Get it done!”  I know exactly what that means for me… what does it mean for you?  Is there something going on in your life you have been putting off to do another day?  Well… today is the day.  No more waiting… no more procrastinating.

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New Interests… New Challenges

Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep (Ram)…

The Ram represents many things.  It represents our search for new beginnings, asserting ourselves in new areas of our life, perseverance, they have sharp eyesight and long-range vision, they have an acute sense of smell and hearing, they have a keen sense of balance, can negotiate nearly impossible heights and locations, sacrifice, achievement, breakthroughs, connection, stability, the ability to overcome, and an inner strength needed to succeed.

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