Wolf Energy
Wolf Energy…

A wolf energy came to me during meditation this morning.  It was interesting because normally, when I see animals, with my third eye, I see an animal… the physical aspect of the animal but not this time.  I saw an outline of a wolf and within was nothing but energy.  So this message is from the spirit, literally, wolf.

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New Interests… New Challenges

Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep (Ram)…

The Ram represents many things.  It represents our search for new beginnings, asserting ourselves in new areas of our life, perseverance, they have sharp eyesight and long-range vision, they have an acute sense of smell and hearing, they have a keen sense of balance, can negotiate nearly impossible heights and locations, sacrifice, achievement, breakthroughs, connection, stability, the ability to overcome, and an inner strength needed to succeed.

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