Carnelian… a power stone



In my experience, carnelians have brought me a wonderful feeling of empowerment which has helped me get through some tough situations. This stone is known for its red-orange brilliance and its energy of leadership, courage, and motivation. They are also very good when you are in training to aid with focus and stability. It is definitely a POWER crystal.

Healing with this stone aids in stimulating metabolism and blood circulation as well as many other physical conditions. Carnelian is also good for stabilizing emotional issues. It helps stimulate creativity which can give you an emotional boost. It’s very useful for overcoming abuse helping you to trust in yourself as well as others.

Carnelian works well with the Sacral Chakra which is located just below the belly button and is the second Chakra. It helps to control our flow of energy as well as information from the mind to the body and vice versa. With this Chakra in balance you have a sense of “going with the flow”. You feel flexible and feel grace.

This stone also works well with the Root Chakra which is the 1st Chakra located at the base of the spine. Carnelian can help with energy flow and when the Root Chakra is out of balance you feel very tired and out of energy. By wearing carnelian, it helps to balance and regain more energy and your feeling of life energy returns to normal.

Check out this site:

They have an abundant amount of information regarding color energy, divination with stones, the angelic realm with stones, goddess crystals, birthstones, zodiac stones, amulets and talismans, feng shui, and ancient lore and legend, and the list keeps going! I think I’ll be spending a lot of time on this site.

Here is the link directly to their information regarding Carnelians.


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