Are you slipping away?

This picture taken by myself. Please do not barrow without asking.

Today is a hard day for me. Many truths are coming out which are a bit difficult to deal with. No meditation this morning… couldn’t focus… feeling really down. One thing that keeps popping up in my mind though. Eagle… Why are you hear? I ask. What is it that you want? He’s been there for a couple of weeks… just hanging around in the back of my mind. So this morning I decided to listen… to see what he’s been trying to tell me and everyone around me. Here’s what WE, yes you and me, got.

Eagle says… “Your light will shine if you only let it. Know that your higher self will only give you straight forward, positive and encouraging support.”

Eagle is telling me that I am beginning to drift off my spiritual path so I need to reconnect. When meditating don’t just connect with Mother Earth and the Universal Life Force and then be done with meditation… you need to spend time with your higher self and discuss things you are going through. This is how you gain knowledge about yourself and how to deal with situations going on through your day. Money issues are a big one these days so ask your higher self about it. What are some insights they may have that you, in your physicalness, have not considered. Reconnecting with your higher self brings you back to your true wants and needs which in turn will help you to center. Reconnecting with your higher self also, if you will notice, opens doors to passages you have not seen before. We get so wrapped up in the struggle of our human existence that we forget to look within and relax. All our answers to life’s questions can be found within.

It’s interesting how these messages come about. When I looked up Eagle to get a base of what he might be trying to tell me, I type out some of what I find on the internet then I just start typing away… sometimes not realizing the message until I go back and read what was typed. Very interesting.

I hope this message helps you and allows you some peace in your life. It has helped me.

Brightest Blessings,
Mama Owl

July 23, 2014

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