Quick Pressure Release Meditaiton


Quick Pressure Release Meditation
July 17, 2015 Written by Carol Gallegos

Go to a quiet place (even the restroom if you’re at work and can step away for a moment) and find a comfortable sitting position.

Close your eyes and do a few deep breaths. Focus on those breaths and on the in breath, pull in loving positive energy. On the out breath, push out negative yucky energy. You can also do colors if that helps. Positive loving color could be a light blue or green or your favorite color. Yucky negative energy is usually a dark mucky grey color.

Do that for a few seconds until the negative color fades to clear and/or you feel the negativity is gone.

If you still feel the pressure… picture yourself in a bubble… a constricting bubble. Test the bubble and feel how tight or lose it is. Try to push your energy out on it and see how much it gives or does not give.

Now… bring your finger up (or imagine an Athame in your hand) and pull your energy to the tip of your finger or athame and cut open the bubble ever so gently.

Allow the excess energy to seep out slowly. Be careful to not puncture so that it flies out like a popped balloon.

Let the energy release until you feel less pressure.

Once the pressure is gone, bring your finger or athame back up to the incision and seal it back up like welding to pieces back together.

Test your bubble to make sure it is secure and in good condition. Do repairs as needed with your finger or athame.

Drench yourself in loving light… then open your eyes.

In love and light,
~ Mama Owl ~

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