Oath - 49Today’s Spirit Message comes to us from the House of Night oracle cards.

“This is the symbol for all promises, and is a reminder to keep the ones you have made.”

An oath is never made lightly nor in jest. Promises are meant to be honored. When you choose this symbol, perhaps it’s time you look at how you have made your promises. Have you crossed your fingers behind your back, relinquishing the magick that binds you to your oath? Has anyone broken his or her promise to you? Let the person go; don’t hold on if someone refuses to be honorable. You don’t want this person in your life. For now, the most important promise you can make is to yourself. Promise to be kind, loving, honorable, and good. Do no harm. To belong to me, you must keep that promise.

I hope this message serves you well throughout your day.

In Love & Light,

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