It’s all in the details… or is it?

Mouse scurried into our lives this morning.  🙂

Today, mouse is bringing forward our ability to focus on details in order to get a larger accomplishment but he is also representing the fact that we may be focusing on the small things too much which is hindering our progress.  I put both aspects out there because I feel it is divided among us.  Some of us are focusing too much on the details… the small things and some of us are not focusing on them enough.
Sometimes we analyze all the itty bitty details and forget to look at the bigger picture.  While some of us are only looking at the bigger picture and not wanting to work on the details.  You will know which one is your situation.

While we work on details be careful not to get pulled in so many directions… you might be already.  Doing this can deplete your energy causing you stress which then makes you feel stuck or depressed because you don’t have the energy to work on you.  So make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin.

During this major shift, we are approaching (or already have) a time where we are able to see things more clearly.  Which details we need to focus on is more apparent which makes it easier to progress through this change.  If you feel you are still in muddy water, it will begin to clear soon.  Have faith… it is coming.  You won’t be in muddy water forever.

Also during this time we are better able to see dual meanings in our life’s lessons.  This can trip us up and cause confusion.  When this happens, shift your sight to the bigger picture and let go of trying to understand the whys and hows.  If it does not cause confusion, take a look into those dual meanings and see how they have affected, or are affecting, your life.  Analyzing things can make for great sharing of your experiences.  Sometimes when you share a moment of clarity, it can help someone else that may be experiencing the same thing but are still confused.

So in conclusion, our little mouse friend is here to help us through the details of our life lessons during this major shift.

If you need help and you feel like you are drowning in the sea of details, send me an email.  Sometimes getting a different perspective will bring clean water to clean up a muddy puddle.

Brightest Blessings!
Carol the Oracle

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