Strength and Courage

White Wolf
Wolf is back but this time as a full blown spirit animal

I’ve got to share this experience with you.  Yesterday, at work, around 4pm… a scene popped into my mind.  It was the parking lot out front.  There stood a beautiful white wolf with gray streaks in his coat.  He walked around to the front doors of the building and pushed the button with his paw to open the door.  We have handicap buttons on the front door that automatically open the door so it’s easier for those with a handicap to get in the building.   So he entered the building and then walked over to the elevator and pushed the button to go up.  By this time I was giggling at myself.  I thought I had made it all up because I’ve reading an awesome series of books about werewolves, vampires, the Fae and magic.  I’ve been really getting into these books so I thought I was just fantasizing about it.  So I tried to shake it off and get back to work.  As I was typing the image came back into my mind… where it left off… the wolf standing at the elevator.  My energy began to build and I was starting to feel uneasy.  The elevator doors opened up and in went the wolf.  Now I work on the second floor and where my desk sits is very close to those elevators.  I was starting to feel a little freaked out.  The doors of the elevator opened and out walked to wolf and headed right for my office.  He stood in the doorway of our office area and my energy shot through the roof!  He began to growl at me so I was really scared.  Something told me to calm down that he was not going to hurt me.  So I calmed myself and he stopped growling.  He whimpered a little to make me realize he was not going to hurt me.  Then he walked into the office and came and sat right nest to me.  Ho my gosh my heart was pounding and his energy was so so strong.  Wow!  He then said something to me that made me realize what was going on.  He said “You need courage and strength… take from me and I will help protect you.”  At that moment… I completely relaxed and felt courage and strength fill me up.  This beautiful, very large wolf has been with me ever since.

I shared this experience with my Fae sister.  She reads souls and told me that this major shift we are going through is so very difficult because the darkness is fighting against it.  This is why many of us have felt such a strong darkness over come us lately and why this shift has been so very difficult.  This spirit wolf has come to me to help through the shift.  He said he is not leaving me until the shift is complete.

He also says that if any of you are going through the same thing… focus on the wolf power and it too will come and protect you, give you strength, and give you courage.  Do not hesitate to ask for help… help is what these spirit animals are here for… to guide us through life’s journey… to help protect us… to help us learn our lessons… and to help us through the many shifts we are experiencing and are going to experience.

Below are a few pictures of wolves.  Pick the one you connect with best, look at it and let it draw you in.  Allow the spirit of the wolf come to you at your time of need.  He has made himself available for this very reason… in this time.

Love & Light Always,
Carol the Oracle

Gray Wolf   gray-wolf-tumblr-the-champion   White-Gray Wolf


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