The Butterfly and the Soul

The Butterfly and the Soul

The butterfly has always represented some kind of personal transformation but it can also mean so much more.  Having the butterfly present in your life can be such a beautifully spiritual thing.  Its gentleness and beauty can affect our soul.  It tells us to be gentle with our personal cycles and growth.  When we go through change we can be very harsh with ourselves and angry because we are fighting the change.  When that happens think of the butterfly and delicate and beautiful it is.  Remind yourself that your soul is the same way.  Delicate and beautiful and we need to nurture it to help it grow.  By saying harsh words or having harsh feelings it is very easy to damage the soul just like it is very easy to damage the butterfly.  So be playful and light when going through change as your soul is transforming into a new being.  Remember, the only thing constant is change.  If we learn to embrace that then we can accomplish anything.

butterfly bubble

We can call upon butterfly to help us through the transformations.  It can help us accept and adjust to inner growth spurts.  Sometimes we hold onto the old and don’t want to go through change.  It’s not easy and often times very so scary that it sends us into an anxiety attack.  We become so accustomed to the old that we feel if we let it go, we will lose everything and be lost forever.  So think of the butterfly.  When it’s in its transformation stage… in its cocoon… it has to grow in strength before it can break free.  Our soul is much the same… during change we struggle and squirm within our bubble.  Our soul is gaining strength and growing so that is why we struggle so much.  It’s like we are trapped… we feel it strongly but once that bubble breaks free we are able to stretch our wings and burst out!  Finally free of our confinement!  Oh what a wonderful feeling that is.  To breathe once again and feel safe and secure in our new skin.  Sometimes people who are very afraid of the change stay in the bubble too long.  This can stunt our growth and cause more damage than we realize.  This can make change harder to go through and we will continue to go through it again and again until we are able to break free and allow ourselves growth.  Once you allow yourself growth and accept change… you will be free of the prison you feel you are in.  It’s such a wonderful feeling.  I great sense of accomplishment and freedom.

In Love & Light Always,
Mama Owl

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