Peace & Love

Peace & Love

Every morning I set time aside to meditate.  It helps me to restart and have a fresh mind for the day.  Lately, it has not worked.  So many worries and thoughts run through my mind.  I try to move them along gently so that I can find some peace and get messages from spirit to pass along to all of you.  Sometimes it works and other times… well let’s just say I struggle to let go.

This morning was different.  I got really frustrated because I just couldn’t move past all the gobbledygook.  The thoughts got stronger and stronger until I just threw my hands up yelled… “OK!  You Win!”  And then the next thing that ran through my mind was the word Peace.  Like a running billboard… Peace.  Everything left my mind.  It all went black.  Then a little white light started to appear… I realized it was getting closer and closer until I could see a beautiful… HUGE… doorway up in the clouds.  The light from within the doorway was a beautiful white light shining down on me.  It gave off a little bit of heat but not a lot.  These doors opened wider and beautiful white birds of all kinds came flying out and I felt a lovely sense of calm.  I just smiled and knew that everything… every little worry… every frustration… and every fight I have been experiencing is going to be alright.  All my worries… frustrations… fights… left and there I stood… watching all those beautiful white birds fly away.

Right when I was relaxed and able to focus a little better my daughter knocked on the door.  LOL  Darn it… LOL  I sat and giggled a second or two and said “Come in.”  There was my daughter with her pregnant belly and a big smile on her face.  “Doing a reading?” she asked.  “Nope… I was meditating.”  All I could think about after that was how happy I was to see that smile on her face and her baby squirming around in her belly… Enda Lee is my grand-baby’s name.  I can’t wait for her to arrive.

In Love & Light,
Mama Owl

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