This is one of my favorite stones. As a matter of fact I’m wearing one right now!

Moonstone allows us to soften our moods and brings us balance, love, passion, and healing. It also helps us to open up our intuition and connection to the Divine.

I’ve been posting a lot about balance, acceptance, and connection and this stone is something that can help with that. Wearing it as a pendant/amulet can help with healing the heart or opening up the heart to let love in… accepting love. It also serves to protect those of a sensitive nature. It is a very personal stone and is a reflection of the person wearing it. It does not add or detract… it just shows what is. Because this stone helps with balance, acceptance and connection it is very good to wear while meditating. It helps to understand oneself therefore helping to find what needs healing within. It can open us up to our inner-selves… allowing understanding and acceptance of oneself. This is very important during this time of awakening so wearing a moonstone regularly can be very helpful. If you are going to wear one on a regular basis it is important to keep it clean to help its energy flow. This is a delicate stone so do not use anything abrasive. A soft toothbrush with a gentle cleanser will work well. To cleanse its energy it is best to place it in the moonlight leading up to a full moon but be careful to not leave it in the bright sunlight as this will damage its sensitivity.

This stone is a very good stone for women at any age but most importantly for teenagers as it will help with the balance of internal hormone cycles with nature’s rhythms.

For men… this stone will help to open the emotional self which can be very beneficial during the awakening process.

Feng Shui
If you are into Feng Shui then this stone, in its light pink glory, is best used in a southwest area to give love and marriage a wonderful energy.

It is believed that moonstone is the stone of the Goddess Diana.

The Chakras it is best used for are the Third Eye and the Crown because of its quality of helping with intuition, “seeing” with the third eye, and opening up the crown chakra to connect with spirit and the Divine. It helps with connecting to your higher-self as well.

Moonstone has many wonderful qualities and it comes in many different types and colors. It is not a man-made stone.

I have only scratched the surface of the many qualities of this stone so if any of you would like to share your knowledge and/or experiences with this stone please share. I would love to learn more about it.

Brightest Blessings!

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