Crown Chakra ~ Affirmations


Crown Chakra
Day 5

So here we are… the Crown Chakra Affirmations. Working with this chakra has lifted me up to places that are so very beautiful… so transformational… and I feel so enlightened and connected. It truly is amazing.
So, if you have been following along with all these chakra articles you know that affirmations are positive thoughts and words we say to ourselves or out loud to combat the negative thoughts. Doing affirmations everyday can help you balance and heal your chakras, create a more positive light around you and can help you heal from dis-ease and illness. The more we think positive, the healthier we become.

I have combed the internet to bring you the best and most uplifting statements I could find! The affirmations listed below bring an enlightened Divine glow that will help to see what you’ve been missing. That glow will help guide you to see what you need to see in your life. We want our crown chakra to feel strong with deep connection to the Divine/God/Universe. I’ve selected a large variety of positive statements that are centered on accepting the flow of Divine energy so please pick and choose those that resonate with you best. You can say them to yourself every morning to give you a wonderful start to your day, say them throughout the day to give you a nice boost and you can use these with the chakra meditations as well. So here you go! I hope you enjoy them.

I honor the Divine within me.

I seek to understand and learn from my life experiences.

I accept and receive Divine knowledge.

I accept and receive Divine energy to flow throughout my chakras.

I accept and receive Divine love.

I cherish my spirit.

I seek experiences that nourish my spirit.

I listen to the wisdom of the Universe.

I trust my intuition.

I am open to letting go of attachments.

I live in the present moment.

I am grateful for all the goodness in my life.

I am grateful for my strong connection to the Divine/God/Universe.

I love and accept myself.

I know that all is well in my world.

My life moves with grace.

I connect easily with spirit.

I am sure of my inner knowing.

My experience is abundant.

I am pure light and love.

I tune into the union with my Higher Power.

I accept myself as I am with love and gratitude.

I cease to limit myself intellectually and creatively and connect my spirit to the Source of all knowledge.

I choose to transform my life and become free.

I release all limited thoughts and lift myself up to ever higher levels of awareness.

I feel the strong spiritual connection to my higher self.

The Divine light is my protection.

The Divine energy is my power.

I am at peace.

Also, check out Carol Tuttle. She does great guided sessions on balancing and aligning the chakras. I get a lot of my chakra inspiration from her! Here is the link to her Crown Chakra alignment with an exercise with affirmations.

I hope these lessons on the Crown Chakra have helped you and continue to do so.

Until we meet again… may the light forever shine upon you, and the road before you!

In Love & Light Always
Carol ~ Mama Owl

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